Ritmo Radio Show – 22.11.2014 – M&J in the Mix

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Dec-17-2014

Welcome back fellas! Here we are with our monthly contribution to the FM airwaves pollution. This time we provided a 45-only mix with some of the stuff i’ve been playing around lately at my #svuotazza gigs. When i don’t know what to play in a particular venue, my 45 box always comes in help. I have a little bit of everything inside, so i can satisfy quite every audience. Gospel, soul, garage, jazz, you name it.

Furthermore, a box of 45 has an impressively long playtime, compared to 12 inch records of the same weight. And it’s much more resistant to bumps and stress than your laptop. Think about it! 45 is the future.

Let me point you some of the records i played in the second hour of this radio broadcast. One is this excellent gospel tune on Daptone Records, really a killer one. I don’t play gospel often but i love it, and i started to buy some, so expect more in the future.

The Como Mamas "Out of the Wilderness"

Another one is this drums-heavy french tune on Mocambo Records. The most incredible drums i’ve heard in a long time.


There’s a sort of 60′s rock segment in my selection, and i couldn’t help play this incredible rock-n-roll-foundation tune by The Yardbirds. Check the video! Crazy.


Last but not least, i played this classic tune by David Axelrod, one that you don’t hear very often. Cinematic vibes.

David Axelrod – London

Well, now that you have an idea, listen Ritmo Radio Show‘s excellent selections in the first hour, and our mix in the second hour of this broadcast. Enjoy!

Ritmo Radio Show – 22.11.2014 // new season episode #10 // Martini&Jopparelli in the mix by Ritmoradioshow on Mixcloud