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Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Sep-02-2013

After almost one month without an internet connection, I can strike back with some brand new suggestions. Since I moved to South Africa at the end of July, I want to start this new blogging season with some southern vibes . It’s almost compulsory, I mean! If I have to tell you the truth, on one side I am extremely disappointed as MTV rules also this country. Not that I did not expect that, but I was hoping something different honestly. On the other side, I am really excited as I know that I will find some extremely interesting music in this nation. I just need to find my way through.

Dan Boadi and the African Internationals – Money Is the Root of Evil

Ok, you probably don’t really care about all that and this is why I cut this long story short and I introduce you a top notch pick. It’s a powerfull selection of Southern African Avant Garde Funk Jazz tunes mixed by Niceguy Bob! There are some amazing tracks in this mix , like the one and the only masterpiece from Dan Boandi and the African Internationals – Money Is The Root of All Evil -, a true choo choo train song, the way I like when it comes to african music!

Enjoy and smell you soon with some other african vibes.