Not Your Average Reggae Mix…

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-01-2009


I’m always wondering why we don’t push more reggae here at M&J. What’s the matter with us??? Hey Joppa, you are the reggae master, you are the one supposed to spread good vibes, but damn, you are too busy with dubstep at the moment to create more nice selections (here & here), I know and understand you…

orange_street1Alright, let me do that in your stead, let me celebrate the spring, but since there are too many hip hop heads around, let me add a special touch. In fact, this is not your regular Reggae mix, this is something different. Something intriguing. It’s a Super Reggae (Funk) Mix!!


Who is the real and undisputed king of digging? Mr Muro indeed. He got more vinyl than your hardisk mp3! I have bought this double CD in Tokyo last New Years Eve and it’s a lovely selection of breaks, funk covers and some others good stuff from his crates. Enjoy as usual!

Listen to DJ Muro – Super Reggae Breaks 1

Listen to DJ Muro – Suoer Reggae Breaks 2

4 Responses to “Not Your Average Reggae Mix…”

  1. djmp45 says:

    didnt know you went to tokio..lucky bastard! ;)
    i bet you have fun over there…
    great mixes…any chance to know who’s the artist who did the cover of chakachas “jungle fever”? and jb”make it funky”?

  2. djmp45 says:

    dont worry just found them CYNTHIA RICHARDS and SHARK WILSON

  3. Duccio says:

    what a dope mix

  4. soup says:

    great mixes! have you playlists for them?

    thanks for sharing them