My Favourite DJ Premier Mixtape

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-14-2006


This time my post is an OBVIOUS JOINT: who is the most acclaimed dj-producer in 90′s hip-hop? FOR ALL THOSE who still don’ t know: Premiere. Back in the 90′s i was so lucky to get a copy of this mixtape but it was incomplete, such a pity, I WANTed IT ALL! Fortunately in the 2k’s i got enough MONEY TO MAKE me an internet connection and was able to download all the complete 4 mixes, Crooklyn Cuts a-b-c-d. Tape B (1996) still remains my favourite: pure 90′s sound, classic tunes and some rare gems. Enjoy: with this one, you won’t need any ELEVATORS to get high!



(if you didnt got it, i did this little trick: words in capital represent my favourite tracks. Ok, i know what you’re thinkin: i’m a loser and i should spend my time better :-) )


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  1. djmp45 says:

    very tasty mixtapes….my favorite are stretch armstrong and dj ev”back 2 back”, chubby chubb”street madness” and lazy k”bomboomzee pt3″…i’ll try to put them on mp3 to share them…

  2. C says:

    just found your site man – some great uploads. I seems like the Premier upload doesn’t work though – when I click the links to ohshare it says a filesize of 0KB

  3. Marty says:

    We will fix it soon. Sorry about it.

  4. MrMafesto says:

    YO!!! OMG how long have i been looking for some old skool mixtapes(all of mine broke from use :( ……) You guys are the BOMB. How about some old peterock from the superrockkinmrmagic shows or even some red alert with the 15min one song YEEEAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa……mixes!!

    U guys are F-R-E-S-H!!!

  5. Marty says:

    Thanks man, check on the mixtapes category. Than stay tuned, we will add old school mixtapes on a regular basis. Including pete rock from the superrockkinmrmagic and Red Alert !!!!!!!! Big up.

  6. yl says:

    great shit but its wheres the final part?? these tracks are all missing:

    B7 Dutchmin Get Ya Swerve On
    B8 Heather B* & M.O.P. My Kinda Nigga
    B9 Paula Perry & Que 45 Get A Grip Mutha…
    B10 M.O.P* New Jack City


  7. disc jockey says:

    joints are hot. Guys are off da hook.

  8. Doug P says:

    Can you please repost this gem mix-tape? Nuff props, keep doing what you’re doing. Lovin the site.