M&J’s 80s-inspired Mix for RITMO RADIO SHOW

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Oct-19-2014

Welcome back! A new exciting Ritmo Radio Show season has just started on the airwaves of Controradio FM (Firenze, Italy). This year we will still be contributing one mix each month, and i have to say once again i’m so proud about it! This month i put together an 80s-inspired mix for your listening pleasure. I played classic rap and g-funk tunes, some old school slow jams, plus some new stuff on the same tip. Modern Funk and stuff like that, you know what i’m saying. As usual i just couldn’t stick to one single musical style, so there’s some different stuff in as well.

I’m definitely obsessed with 80s sounds these days, so i got to admit i enjoyed very much putting together this mix. It’s 100% vinyl from my crates, no Serato, this is how we get down. Hope you like it!

Ritmo Radio Show – 27.09.2014 // new season episode #3 // Martini&Jopparelli in the mix by Ritmoradioshow on Mixcloud