Lord Finesse – Nothing but Stax classic.

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-05-2006

This is a brilliant mixtape. Lord Finesse is one of the most important figures in Hip Hop business. In this tape, a Japan exclusive, he plays some classic tune from the impressive, unforgettable Stax label. Most of this tracks are breaks, so you will recognize them. It’s pure essence of soul music. As he says, nothing but the classic. He gives and receive shout out all the time. There is not much more to say about it as this music speaks for itself. Enjoy stax classic. Big up!!


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  1. ozzino says:

    As he himself says, he takes it back to the school of hip hop
    great selection!

  2. djmp45 says:

    right about now the funk soul brother…..check it out now….the funk soul brother….i cant believe mr.norman cook made lots of money out of some really underground artist like finesse…but since he’s a brighton resident as me i have to give him props anyway(check the double trouble remix of i know you got soul by rakim and the stetsasonic remix of a.f.r.i.c.a)

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  4. Adamoda says:

    I love the Funky Man, I can’t wait to check this. Your blog is excellent.

  5. Thanks Adamoda, enjoy the dopness

  6. Lazy123 says:

    Anyone got a tracklisting for this?

    I cant find any details on this mix, beside from this page.