JUST BLAZE SPECIAL PART 1: an Unauthorized Biography of Just Blaze + 90′s Flava Vol.1 Mixtape

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-24-2010

There are 4 missions you must have accomplished to reach the Hall of Fame of hip hop producers.

-Develop your own and original style of both drum layering and sample chopping

-Determine your label’s sound for years and influence the whole game with your style

-Drop some timeless crowdpleasers

-Be the main producer of a classic LP

How many post 2k producers would you put in your Hall of Fame?


Shouts out to OTA for this nice audio-bio.

90′S FLAVA VOL.1 MIXTAPE – download -

10/10 to the selection, perhaps  a little too much shouting… but c’mon… if you don’t like the DJ screaming you should stop listening hip hop period.

Stay tuned for part two..

4 Responses to “JUST BLAZE SPECIAL PART 1: an Unauthorized Biography of Just Blaze + 90′s Flava Vol.1 Mixtape”

  1. Antonio says:

    I don’t think he deserves all this.
    After all, he uses Serato and Logic…


    P.S.: You forgot another requirement: an effective producer’s catchphrase: Juust Blaaze!!!

  2. LOL he probably wants to kill hip hop with serato so he will be the last great producer in history.

  3. HOT BOY YO says:

    i need equipment like that!


  4. big wiz. aka. mr beans, the king-don. says:

    just blaze is the shit and respect him very much, i’m from portharcourt, rivers. nigeria, and a producer still in the making but if i have the kind of studio he is or any other producer i will be driving a bentley mulsanne. i’m just saying i would have been on the lime light.