M&J’s Mix For Radio ROARR

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Mar-16-2013

Welcome back, today i’m very glad to post another mix i’ve done for the radio. This time it’s a very forward-thinking web radio from the center of Italy, Radio ROARR . They have a show called Fingertips where they like to explore and love both present and past music, analog and digital sounds, and melodies from the far corners of the world. So, as always, i tried to blend in different kinds of music i’m into lately to please the audience.

Max Beckmann, Odysseus and Calypso,1943

You’ll find the whole tracklist on Mixcloud but basically it sums up like this: the first half is more dubby and bassy, with a couple of killer tracks by  the likes of Girevous Angel and Jack Sparrow, while the second is more AfroBeat and Reggae oriented, with some of the classic tracks i use to spin all the times in my gigs. And then you have this little gem by Action Bronson, how could i not play this?

Action Bronson – It's Me (Prod. By Party Supplies)

TRIVIA: this mix was live on air the exact moment when the new pope was elected: we’re officially in history baby! I think the priests were listening us when they voted.

Here we are, as usual it’s time to let the music speak! Big up the whole Fingertips crew: Drago, Darius, Sterling, Aanti and Spinoff!!

If you want a download link, ask for it, (anyway i’m going to put it here sooner or later): enjoy! Peace.

Fingertips 19-2 MARTINI & JOPPARELLI GUEST MIX by Fingertips / Roarr on Mixcloud