Jopparelli’s Chubby Dub Mix

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Jun-22-2015

What’s up fellas? To cut a long story short: I made a dub mixtape and i want you to light a spliff and listen to it. Ok?

It’s an all-vinyl one as usual, featuring bits from my collection that i played this year at the IN BASS WE TRUST events in our hometown. I already talked about this project, but let me put you up-to-date on how this season has been like. Well, it has been terrific! We had the likes of Daddy G, Lady Chann, Benny Page, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Charlie P, Zion Train as well as internationally respected italian artists like I Neurologici, Moplen, Jungle Warfare, Stefano B, Menph to grace our stage, and we provided a 10kW sound system (courtesy of SUONO 1981) for the massive to idolize.

Ok, let’s talk about music. I’ve been playing this tunes a lot as i said, and i love them crazily, so i tried to make the mixtape as less boring as possibile by switching the styles as it goes on (getting bored with a dub mixtape is easy, unless you’re stoned, in which case you’re like OH MY GOSH ITS FANTASTIC). The session starts with a fantastic version of Ini Kamoze “Trouble me” remixed by Ashley Beedle, then we have a killer dub from italy with an I Neurologici/ Real Rock Hi-Fi production, check the video, it’s really solid.



I made the mix in one take, so of course it’s not perfect but it’s much more “alive” than a polished studio mix, and i’d rather put it out that way. After recording the mix, i had fun adding some dub sirens with ableton and a cheap midi controller: i overdubbed the whole session playing sirens “live” with my controller, while smoking a big spliff: you can feel my spiritual presence if you listen carefully! It was definitely fun.

Anyway, as usual, i hope you enjoy the vibes. Let me know what you think!

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DOWNLOAD THE MIX HERE (mp3, 192 kbps – if you want higher quality hit me up on twitter: @jopparelli)


Jopparelli – A Chubby Dub Mix by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud