Balbio – NOWhere Mix @ Mixology

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. May-15-2012

Italy is definitely full of djs on fire at the moment. Moving from disco to hip hop, from soul to “whatever” music, we can find tons of mixes, covering mostly any kind of genre we like and dig. It’s a new italian renaissance.

I am here today to talk about a very deep session called NOWhere. This mix was done almost a year ago for the mighty Mixology series. Andrea Mi describes this mix as a pure concentrate of silicon soul, very atmospheric and nocturnal, and I totally agree with him. The man behind the set is Balbio aka Fabio from the Passion Junkies site. If you follow our page from back in the days, you should already know him since we had the pleasure to host him in the past (hope he will re-up his Jazz mix sooner or later). Check also his site, you will find some great stuff, especially in the podcast series. Check it, check it out and enjoy!

Balbio – NOWhere mix @ MIXOLOGY by Andrea_Mi on Mixcloud