A Throwback Session With Andy Smith

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Nov-03-2013

Welcome back, today i want to share a very nice mix i found on Mixcloud. Remember the 90′s? Thats a subject we talk often here, mostly because in the 90′s we were teenagers, just like you now, dear reader. But, speaking of trippy electronic music, we didn’t have  Mala or Boards Of Canada back then, instead we had Portishead and Massive Attack.

We loved them because their music was good to smoke to, you know what i’m sayin? Eventually we discovered why their music was so good to smoke to: because it’s heavily sample based, and it relies on deep, rock-solid, heavy samples of classic joints from the glorious Soul Music golden age. So what happens is: you’re basically listening this stuff, you’re high, and your brain gets slapped by that late 60′s deep psychelic soul vibe, but it’s weird and different, because those sounds are poured into the dark, cloudy Bristol sky, and the drum machines punch so slow, solemn and  hard you basically start trippin. That was Trip Hop to us.

Heltah Skeltah – Prowl [ Original Version ]

We talked before about the infamous “Danube Incident” sample by Lalo Schifrin, which was used by Heltah Skeltah and CRU back in the days. That was one of our very first posts, six or seven years ago: thats a long long time ago speaking in internet ages. Is the post still online? Check it, i don’t know, maybe we’ll fix it in the next days (we lost some pics).

Cru-Straight From L.I.P.

The mix contains the superb “Sour Times” which i found out, besides the music which of course is great, to be a remarkable piece of poetry itself (thanks google) . For non-english people like us: check the complete lyrics and an explanation here. It is a song about infidelty and a criticism of marriage, did you know? I did’t suspect that as i was too stoned to pay attention to the lyrics, i told you. We don’t post lyrics very often, let’s add some poetry to our posts! I’m sure nobody’s reading at this point since people simply click “play” and listen, so i won’t bother anyone. I do it for myself.

To pretend no one can find
The fallacies of morning rose
Forbidden fruit, hidden eyes
Curtises that I despise in me
Take a ride, take a shot now
‘Cause nobody loves me
Its true
Not like you do
Covered by the blind belief
That fantasies of sinful screens
Bear the facts, assume the dye
End the vows no need to lie, enjoy
Take a ride, take a shot now

Who am I, what and why
‘Cause all I have left is my memories of yesterday
Oh these sour times

But lets’ get back to the samples, there are a lot of classics here, and some very interesting ones like this one from Serge Gainsbourg:

Serge Gainsbourg-Melody.1971

He is definitely one of the artists i admire the most, primarily for his music versatility and the classy way he used to dress to impress the ladies. R.I.P Serge, i’m sure you’re molesting Whitney in heaven right now.

Gainsbourg and Whitney Houston

Ok, let’s stop the jokes and let’s go straight to the mix i wanted to point you out to: here it is. The nice thing about this mix is it clarifies what the producers did back in the days when they built their music. No fancy keyboards or sample packs, but instead a lot of records to dig into. Enjoy!

Andy Smith Portishead & Massive Attack Sampled night – 3.12.11 by Dj Andy Smith on Mixcloud