500, That’s The Magic Number!

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Jan-23-2013

Hey guys, how about a site full of high quality mixes? I know you are thinking there are enough around but believe me, this is the one It will change your perspective for real. In fact, I am talking about a place where you can find up to 500 hundred mixes, organized by category. Check also the facebook page to follow any update. How you feel about it?

This is the aim of the site in the words of the editor:

The goal of this page is to help people find music they enjoy, especially in unfamiliar genres. While much of the music on 500 Mixes is obscure, the guiding principle behind the rankings is universality or mass appeal. The rankings are not necessarily aimed at DJs and collectors, or historical importance.

Now, stop what you are doing right now, switch off your phone, get your drink and hit the play buttom. It’s a cornucopia of music styles!