Kenny Dope’s Break Beats

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-06-2007

“KENNY DOPE Three-time Grammy nominated Kenny Dope, one of the most prolific artists of the modern music age, has been entertaining and astounding the masses alike with his fusion of house, hip-hop, Latin, jazz, soul, and broken beats. Known as a living encyclopedia of beats, Kenny Dope is a purveyor of sonic masterpieces.”


This is the first part of Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez’ bio on the Masters At Work Website. I like the definition “a living encyclopedia of beats” and i think it fits perfectly in KD’s career.

What i appreciate most of KD is his versatility as a DJ and producer. It is not about strictly hip hop, funk, soul or house. Good music is good music. He produced dope hip hop, dope house music, latin and even worked with Keb Darge for some extra-dope funk selections.

A collection of super-classic breaks (tracklisting here, but in this case we’d better talk about “masterpiece-listing”) mixed with superior taste. In fact i cannot imagine a better mixin. This mixtape is simply perfect.

Listen Kenny Dope’s Break Beats

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  1. ozzino says:

    nothing better could keep me awake this night at work
    exciting mixtape!

  2. benign says:

    wow… living encyclopedia of beats.. that means he must be that dope to be entitled wif that kinna definition… props..

    visit my music charin blog

  3. djmp45 says:

    kenny dope is a true master…remember the ruffneck soldiers”kill or be killed” tune with the shirley bassey sample?one of my favourite tune…for more updated production check the 7″series on kenny dope’s sure shot label, where he reworks classics breaks..with the help of people like price paul and j-rocc of the beat junkies….nice ones

  4. RipTheJacker says:

    Wow, I just spent over half an hour reading some of the articles on this here blog. Your blog is very informative and I would like to applaud your efforts. Knowledge of the hip hop culture is a hard thing to come by these days. Keep it real, and long live your blog.

    If you want to exchange links my hip hop blog is;


  5. richo says:

    found your blog last night and just got a chance to have a real look.
    nice beats, nice articles… just bummed i missed this link.
    ill keep trolling but any chance of a re-up???
    i checked the discog entry and would love to hear this, (esp for the mixing from the master).

  6. joppa says:

    thank you rico, we’ll re-up the kenny dope mix as soon has possible!!

    stay tuned!


  7. richo says:

    wow, what a quick response… nice.
    just came back to say its cool, found it with some google diggin.
    i may have found it somewhere else, but i found it here first…
    thanks again

    check out the roller boogie 80s if you havent already got it.

  8. joppa says:

    Yes Richo, Oufar Khan is one our friend blogs and he has loads of good stuff!

    glad you found it.


  9. Bird1044 says:

    Kenny DOPE! Yeah if you havent heard it–you got to have this one. I’ve been listeing to break beats for a while… started with Kon&Amir “on track” back in 94. I must say this is one of the best mixes of breakbeats!, Ive heard in a while….what a beautiful mix. big ups to all involved in making these available.

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  11. Hey guys. Love the site. Found you from Domeshots. I produce mixes and run a site called Check it out. I would love to exchange blogrolls with you also. PS, I realized we’ve been using a similar design themes, lol.