Summer Breeze / Harlem USA

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-12-2006



First of all, this sound is dope. I heard it for the first time
in a bangin mixtape by dj Chubby Chub (one day or another
we’ll add post about this mixtape).

Children of the Corn was an undergound New York crew formed in the first 90′s by Mason “Murder Mase” Betha, Cameron “Killa Cam” Giles, Cam’s cousin Derek “Bloodshed” Armstead, Darrell “Digga” Branch on
producing and Herb McGruff. Only Cam’ron and Bloodshed rap on this track.

This is a superb example of the 90′s hiphop sound formula: take a soul record from the first half of the 70′s, extract an hypnotic loop, add some cool beats, make two young, hungry underground mc’s rap on it and that’s it!.
The lyrics are simple but dope. This song samples classic Main Ingredient’s hit Summer Breeze. Both the original break and the rap track rock.
Here you can listen a mix-up of the two’s. Enjoy!
Listen HarlemUSA/SummerBreeze

(The typical but unfortunately not-so-cool epilogue for this
kind of production is often the same: some years later in the
2k’s the young mc is grown up, he goes mainstream, shows up on MTV with Paris Hilton, starts a clothing company and definitely becomes wack.)


Artist: Children of the Corn (Cam’Ron and Bloodshed)
Album: Collector’s Edition
Song: Harlem USA (Uptown)
Typed by:[Cam'Ron]

You better back up, or y’all get smacked up
Or better yet clapped up, I dare your ass to act up
You hear me, yeah I rather off that you near me
I’d rather have you fear me, then have your mother teary eyed
Flowers, candles, 40 bottles where he died
Know he lied (But the young kid had to show his pride)
See I run with Mr. Kid, y’all have a twisted wig
Playing R.Kelly, when you know my ass Mr. Biggs
Right fella, you don’t want no parts of me par
Come deep, THREE CARS, wild kids from P.R
On the creep (yeah) straight from the street
And the number 1 rule don’t shit where you eat
Cause I had them hired, they come back they wired
Asking me for work, but I told them I retired
Cause I seen the scripture, change up and bitch up
So when you come to me yo believe you getting frisked up

It don’t matter what you do or say
We capping you, kilo capital, Harlem USA
(*repeat 2X*)

6 Responses to “Summer Breeze / Harlem USA”

  1. Marty says:

    Summer breeze has been sempled in Things done changed ( Notorious BIG ) as well.

  2. frankboogie says:

    coc is the most underrated crews ever
    does anyone have mcgruff the crime dog rarities

  3. Giulio says:

    R.I.P. Bloodshed “the best MC you never heard of”

  4. Devon Becker says:

    good luck

  5. Celia Jordan says:

    good luck