When Something Goes Wrong!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-28-2012

Shit happens! Let’s see some of our idols taking the wrong turn.

Nothin’ but a steroid thang baby

When the South Bronx meets Naples you better be ready.

Enzo Avitabile feat. Afrika Bambaataa – Napoli dance

From The Congos to the Pum Pum like he just doesn’t care.

Lee "Scratch" Perry – Pum Pum

Don’t believe the autotune!

Flavor Flav- I'll Never Let You Go

You can try Flav, but the Bunga Bunga it’s an hard game, definitely too hard for a G.


Heroin is a very expensive shit, Chet.

Nino Buonocore ''Abitudini''.mpg

That was the most difficoult post I ever made in six years. Try to watch those videos to understand why.