Weather Report – Black Market (1976)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-16-2009

In a few days my Birthday is coming, so it’s time for presents once again. Here’s mine, an original vinyl rip from my collection. A classic album by legendary Joe Zawinul’s band, Weather Report. This album is perfect for the occasion because 1976 is also my birth year! Yes sir, it’s the Year Of The Dragon so beware!


Weather Report formed in 1971 and represented a step forward in Jazz Music. By combining R&B, Rock and World Music they created their own truly unique Fusion sound, a sound that is still fresh and inspiring more than 30 years later. And of course they have been widely sampled by hip hop producers also.


Joe Zawinul’s use of synths was really groundbreaking. His passion for technology lead him to develop a lot of new sounds that nobody else used. He worked very close with KORG company, giving a very special contribution to the developement of his favourite musical instrument, the now omni-present synthesizer keyboards.

Weather Report (with Jaco)

This album is great because there’s so many things inside, just like in the cover art. You’ll find different moods, great rhythm sections and a lot of dope sounds of course.  A very inspired work as I said, you just don’t find so many ideas into a single release usually. Don’t forget the line-up includes Jaco Pastorius also!


We listen to the title track “Black Market” almost every day when we’re driving to work, because it’s used as a jingle in our favourite italian radio station, Radio Popolare (People’s Radio). Other radio stations in Italy really suck, so big up this one.

Before letting the music speak, I would like to recommend again this nice interview to the master, here’s an interesting excerpt:

Interviewer: It’s 30 years since Weather Report was formed, and the world has become much smaller. People from all over the world are playing jazz, and a wonderful hybrid is being created.

Joe Zawinul: Well, the great black jazz masters have done it. They started it, coming from Africa. And I’ll tell you something. Africa is happening. I always love to play in Africa. The people have so much energy. They’re very sophisticated. That will make the music again what it used to be. I don’t mean in terms of the actual music. I’m talking about the power. Because this music that the great jazz masters created, that was the true world music. There is no music anywhere in the world that you don’t hear something of them.Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis. All of these great masters, what they put in there in the earlier part of the 20th century. It was the greatest art form of the 20th century, and slowly, it became such a global thing. It’s going to be very interesting, the future.


Well, here’s my vinyl ripped at 320kbps, hi-quality, through a decent mixer and audio card. I didn’t remove the crackles and static noises because when you filter you lose parts of the actual sound also. Here, I want to give you the exact feeling of the real vinyl when you play it. If you want a perfectly cleaned sound, go search it elsewhere. This is as-it-is, ripped into two files, side A and side B. Enjoy, tracklist and credits HERE.

Listen! Weather Report “Black Market”

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  1. djmp45 says:

    se l’arianna cerca un regalo digli di guardare qui:

  2. thankx mate!

    chissà a quanto vendono il blocco intero…se vinco al super enalotto faccio l’investimento.

  3. djmp45 says:

    non problema e’ il trasporto da bk a bg :)
    …te li devono mandare su un pallet…
    comunque qualcuno c’e’ gia passato:

    dalle foto sembra che vogliano vendere parte della collezione perche evil dee e’ diventato troppo grasso e devono fare spazio in casa

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  5. chronwell says:

    What a band!!