The Har-You Percussion Group: Sounds Of The Ghetto Youth from the 60′s

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-27-2010

Good music is always surprising. Turns out this incredible Latin-Jazz album from 1965, a milestone classic for DJs and collectors worldwide, was done by 16 to 19 year old students. I could never imagine it, this music sounds so mature to me, it gotta be grown-up stuff! The rhythm sections are wild of course, but the jazz parts are incredibly well crafted and the sound comes out so fresh and authentic, it’s stunning music for real.

har-you percussion group / welcome to the party

Like so much of the music we love, this record comes from Harlem. The Harlem Youth Act was part of an effort to get kids involved in music uptown, and the results are preserved forever into this dazzling piece of wax released in 1967.

“A fantastic mix of funky bass, heavy drums, burning horn lines and soulful vocals, this Latin-soul group was the exciting result of the Harlem Youth Act of 1964. Led by master conga player Montego Joe, this ranks as one of the great Latin releases of all-time”

You can find the whole album HERE, (don’t forget to give props to our friend Oufar-Khan, his collection is untouchable).

[Update: If you want to do a good thing for the labels that still push this music, you can buy legally the whole album HERE, in superior sound quality]

On the same tip, you can listem this mix at the WEGOFUNK website: Los Ritmos Americanos – Let’s Go Disco


3 Responses to “The Har-You Percussion Group: Sounds Of The Ghetto Youth from the 60′s”

  1. B.S. says:

    Though we appreciate your enthusiasm in sharing this music, ESP Disk’ request that you remove the link for free download.

    This kind of file sharing in the context of a small label is largely detrimental and will eventually put us out of business.

    Har You Ensemble is a current title in the ESP DISK’ catalog that is in stock on CD (superior sound quality) and LEGALY downloaded here: or on Itunes

    • joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli says:

      I’m sorry for that but the DL link, as you see, is hosted on another blog so we can do nothing about it.

      The same blog can be found with a simple google search by the way, so our content holds no more information than a simple web search in this case.

      I will add your link for the legal download to the post tho.