Straight No Chaser – Thelonious Monk aka Melodious aka The High Priest of BeBop aka The Mad Monk!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-08-2009

Few days ago I came across this marvellous and very interesting documentary on Thelonious Monk.


Monk is a pure genius, a magician, a gifted and unorthodox musician. This footage is a terrific overview of his life and his music. I have found really sad the fact that just few people saw this direct evidence of one of the most glorious and grandiose period of Jazz history. Get knowledge kids and respect the real architects!

Thelonious Monk Documentary — 1/10

And Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9

Unfortunately the part 10 is missed…or at least I could not find it…

Now, listen to this 3 classic Monk’s songs:

Listen to Bye Ya

Listen to Bolivar Blues

Listen to Little Rootie Tootie

And finally, grab this masterpiece discovered just 4 years ago: HERE!


3 Responses to “Straight No Chaser – Thelonious Monk aka Melodious aka The High Priest of BeBop aka The Mad Monk!”

  1. soul warrior says:

    very very exciting!
    been following this for a time now.
    very enjoyable work!

    keep it real,

    Troy Tel Aviv > Sydney

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  3. Anthony says:

    Thanks for the Coltrane/Monk link. Amazing to hear these two giants together. I’ve been listening to “Monk Straight no Chaser” all week. Thelonius was a master, a genius maybe and the most dapper man in Jazz. His style was as timeless as his amazing music. Anthony.