Pharoah Sanders With Lonnie Liston Smith – Live in Nice (France), 1971

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-15-2009

I’m not the original ripper of this precious radio recording from 1971. I wasn’t even born in 1971 to be honest, so first of all props to Sriambre -this is the (nick)name of the person who shared this gem on the internet-.

This is a live concert in Nice, France, featuring two legends of Music: Lonnie Liston Smith and Pharoah Sanders. I really love everything in this recording (even the French speaker voices gently announcing the tracks, and the crowd noise, makes you feel like you are at the concert). I listened this live so many times, and every time it’s different. Mad, mad deep. Two great artists indeed.

The first is really one of my favourite musicians. His ethereal style on keyboards takes your mind to a joyous trip.


I was struggling to find the right words to describe the man and his music, but my English is still too poor to express my thoughts properly. Fortunately Google came in aid:

“Blurring the lines between soul, funk and psychedelic jazz, keyboard maestro Lonnie Liston Smith is the master of spaced-out instrumental voyages. With his aptly named band The Cosmic Echoes, these lush and complex compositions take listeners on a trip through euphoric sonic wonderlands previously unheard of on this planet.”

“A subtle architect of textures and densities. His musical conception involves a totality of sound in which his open-pedal piano resonates with various other instruments, especially percussion”

His tune “Garden Of Peace” is the main sample for Jay-Z’s classic “Dead Presidents”, produced by Ski Beatz. Peep this!

Jay-Z – Dead Presidents & Ain't No (LIVE) 1996

Now, the other artist featured here, Pharoah Sanders, is a living legend. His name was given him by Sun Ra (which was clearly obsessed with this Alien-Egyptians-Cosmic kind-of-stuff!).


Sander’s music is more extreme, i found a couple of albums by him very hard to listen, but this is not the case.  Here, I think it will be easy to recognise the genius that this man is. His sax blends with Smith’s piano like weed and tobacco, you know what I’m sayin? The perfect match. (I know, I know, you don’t use tobacco).

You Jazz lovers won’t be disappointed, as my man Marty says.

Listen! Sanders-Smith live Nice 1972.

… and for the Hip Hop heads (I know you’re always out there waitin for your turn, dont’ be shy), watch how Ski Beatz made “Dead Presidents” out of the Lonnie Liston Smith joint!

Ski Beatz – the making of Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents" beat


10 Responses to “Pharoah Sanders With Lonnie Liston Smith – Live in Nice (France), 1971”

  1. MaDuke says:

    Lonnie LIston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes. Wow. My favorite was Visions of a New World. Outstanding

  2. ADB says:

    The Ski Beatz vid is cool, love how he flipped the sample.

  3. Deuce says:

    I remember when I first got put on to where to the LLS joint that the sample came from…had me zoned out for real.

    Duke brought it together real smooth though, you know, how he flipped it and all that.

    Then later Jay says “so what I sampled your voice…you made it a hot line, I made it a hot song”

  4. Spherical says:

    The ‘Unknown’ track is ”Round Midnight’ btw (‘for Monk’ as he says at the start)

    Great share


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  6. Petits Points Cardiaux says:

    Waw !!! I was present at this concert in 1971, I was 18 and discovered jazz by chance. It’s one of the first I heard. Great memory. Great emotion finding it on the web. Thank you very very much my friend.


  7. Dr Edward says:

    Dear Joppa

    What can I say? This concert is just magnificent. I love this. What a jewel to behold of a Pharoah Sanders live show from 1971 in such excellent quality. Thank you very much indeed.

    Kind regards,

    Dr E.

  8. Paris says:

    Hello is there any way that i could get this i am trying to extrack the file but it seems to need a password if so could you give that to me thanks in advance this is one of the greatest jazz icons.