Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery “The Further Adventures Of Jimmy & Wes” / Quasimoto ‘The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-01-2007


Rap took its roots from many many music genres, but it’s still shooting me how it can take a jazz sample, keeping intact his message and giving it new lymph..that’s really unbelievable.
George Benson wrote “Wes had a corn on his thumb, which gave his sound that point. He would get one sound for the soft parts, and then that point by using the corn. That’s why no one will ever match Wes. And his thumb was double-jointed. He could bend it all the way back to touch his wrist, which he would do to shock people.”
Don’t want to talk about his virtous technique, i wouldn’t even be up to do, but if a jazz icon as Mr. Benson has spent these words, we better believe him.
Don’t halt at that, i’m going to give you the right chance to listen to a couple of rare gems then you’ll got the right to make your choice.


Jimmy Smith contributes his soulful Hammond, with bass pedals on most tunes. Wes Montgomery adds quite a bit of the “double-note octave” melodic style he is known for.
I’ve never understood those so-called “purists” who raise a ruckus with shouts of “inauthentic” as soon as a musician sails into previously uncharted waters.
Wes allowed his innovative Jazz guitar style to explore modern Pop pieces, then his fans began to abandon ship in droves. But good music is good music, maybe sometimes it’s hard to swallow but “purist” are none but earmuff listeners to me.
His musicality is a marvel from mother nature, always intense, deep, groovin and his sound is full, sorrounding, touching.


While Jimmy Smith is the epitome of organ combo blues, with a delightfully swinging tempo and first-rate solo work by all parties. Funky, upbeat, and infectious.
Both this albums are maybe more binding than previous posted, but hear is getting more trained as well.
This time my choiche drops on Tequila plus a spurt of orange juice, i think a tequila sunrise is what you need to better catch this sound electricity.


You already know how we’re all fond of Madlib production.
Madlib lives in the studio, diggin in the crates. Getting blazed and making music is his thing, and he does it very well..otherwise such rarities wouldn’t come up by their own. He is on the forefront of futuristic production in hip-hop, and he’s proven himself time and time again.

Enjoy folks!
Listen to Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery “The Dynamic Duo
Listen to Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery “The Further Adventures Of Jimmy And Wes
Listen to Quasimoto “The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas

Marty add: On the cover of The further adventures of Lord Quas there is a tribute to Wild Man Fisher, a really wired singer discovered by Frank Zappa. I have found this information on Superfly. Read more about Fisher as his story is very singular.

Now, find yourself what i am talking about!

Check the Wild Man Fisher album cover:

And check the Quasimoto one:

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  1. djmp45 says:

    ozzino a.k.a the jazz master!!it seems you’re getting into jazz a lot!nice posts always!try to find david matthews “dune”…it’s on cti and has grover washington jr on it…very nice record

  2. David in Poland says:

    Nice albums posted – thanks so much!!

  3. Ozzino says:

    David we’re glad you appreciated…jimmy&wes made an uncanny duo!

  4. white silks says:

    really dig the combo effort of jimmy and wes and it’s hard to ever go wrong with mr. otis jackson and his many alter egos.

    Thanks for the hook up.

  5. Overspliffed says:

    Thank you for that awesome duo. I never heard of this album before and I’m a jazz head!