Jazz Excursions

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. Oct-16-2011

In the last year, I have been digging a lot of Jazz podcasts. Mostly of them are simply amazing and they are the perfect way to discover new Jazz artists as well as new Jazz sub-genres.

Unfortunately, the session I am about to shortly point you out, does not have the tracklist. It’s like back in the days, when we used to listen mixtapes without having a clue about the contents. But you know, guessing is fun and when I am able to recognize some obscure tracks, I am very satisfied indeed.

Gol-e Gandom original Orriental Jazz TV in 1965 & Iranian TV

This Jazz excursion is a very complete and wide-ranging session, with a lot of exotic and oriental influence. Anyway, I got to be honest with you and not act like an expert: the only artist I have recognized in this mix was the great Dr Lloyd Miller. See the video above, remarkable.

Stay tuned as I am preparing my own Jazz podcast. It’s going to be interstellar…

4 Responses to “Jazz Excursions”

  1. Simon666 says:

    Nice mix :)

    2nd track @ 8.50-14.04 is Tony Scott and the Indonesian All Stars, “”Burungkaka Tua”.

    Can’t find a vid, but you can find that album here :


  2. Simon666 says:

    … and 18.23 – 24.35 is Joe Zawinul, “Soul of a Village” from “The Rise and Fall of the Third Stream” :