CTI Summer Jazz At The Hollywood Bowl (Live One) – 1972

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-21-2008

This is one of my latest buys, and I’m going to share it with you because it’s really really cool. An incredible concert from 1972 with all CTI musicians toghether into a single all-star ensamble.

Yes, we’re talkin bout Creed Taylor’s label, a piece of legend that left a heavy mark in Jazz and 90′s Hip Hop. Once again, timeless music here at M&J’s.

You may find this album elsewhere on the interweb, but this is MY personal vinyl rip at 192 kbps, hi-quality! You won’t be disappointed. If you still got any doubts, just read the musicians line up: legendary. Enjoy.

Listen! CTI Jazz All Stars live at the Hollywood Bowl

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A1           Grits Bowl (8:09)
A2           Inner City Blues / What’s Going On (8:46)
B1           California Dreaming (8:36)
B2           First Light (8:27)


Johnny Hammond
Bob James

Ron Carter

Jack DeJohnette

George Benson


Hank Crawford
Joe Farrell
Stanley Turrentine
Grover Washington, Jr.

Freddie Hubbard

Hubert Laws

Milt Jackson

14 Responses to “CTI Summer Jazz At The Hollywood Bowl (Live One) – 1972”

  1. djmp45 says:

    diggin in the crates has still his value, right?

  2. Yes, digging is always fun. Sometimes you can even find good records which are not from 1988: incredible, isn’t it? ;-)

  3. djmp45 says:

    but 1972 wasnt a bad year either ;)

  4. ilMago says:

    this is like porn for real black-music lovers.

  5. Overspliffed says:

    Awesome live session. Period.
    I miss Sicily guys, gimme some folk music from there please!

  6. Ha ha, sorry Overbaked but we live very far from Sicily…. we don’t have any of that music! ;-)

    Glad you liked the live session.


  7. Martin From Canada says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve got these artists on vinyl.

  8. [...] of two super famous themes performed by no one less than all the best CTI musician together in an historic concert in [...]

  9. john houlihan says:

    I have cti summer jazz festival @ the hollywood bowl one and three and would like to find the number two album am having slight problems with e-mail may be contacted @ j.p. houlihan 19871 vermander clinton twsp. mi. 48043 or 586 438 7670 ph. #

    • kay2mcshane says:

      john, years ago I came upon the Live 3 knowing nothing about CTI. Loved it! Found last month there were THREE CTI’s from this concert. Both Amazon and ebay have plenty for sale. Amazon supply a little thin. Live Two from Amazon perfect, Live One spinning now. Perfect – Diggin it so much I havent flipped it to side B yet. Okay just flipped. Getting a back up Live 2, my fave, while the gettin is good. Doubt I’d ever find them easy in collector stores and I am already in enough trouble with new(to me)music. Prices are decent except for some proud guy in Japan will all 3 on disc. Last I looked; dropped from 800$ to 649$. Yeah right.I think he’s just pounding his chest. “Lookie what I got n you don’t! Ebay has/had? 1,2,3 on disc for 199$. if you wanna go there.
      Bless my turntable for hangin with me everyday, lol. Really order from either site and save the hassles diggin in dusty crates on the floor. kay

  10. Fred R White says:

    Pleasebe advised I am intersting n acquiring te 3 volumes of CTI Summer Jazz preferable in DVD please respond to this request

  11. Anuca says:

    I read today (July 2010) about it for the first time. I truly want to have a “CTI Summer Jazz At The Hollywood Bowl (Live One) – 1972″!
    Regards from Spain now! anuka

  12. kay says:

    almost a year after your last posted comment and I am listening to Live Two. Amazing how someone loved this almost 40 year old LP. I came upon Live 3 in a thrift/used book shop 10-15 years ago and snagged it for 3.50 or half that? I was trolling for anything Esther Phillips. A gal who was never much appreciated during her 10 short years, may she R.I.P. Those who know of her vocals either love her or hate her. Unfortunately her producers tried her in broadway covers, rock and country etc. Thus very little good stuff in the blues/jazz genre was ever produced. Thanks, Creed Taylor for bringing her to Hollywood in 1972. Cherry Red blew me away and still does. I recently poked about and found there were three albums and will definetly go for the last one, Live One tonight. I wish someone who loves the jazz oldies would press this in audio disc’s (other than Japan if ya got nearly a grand. The “one” seller raises his price everytime I web into his offering, lol.