Cassius’ 1999 blow-up

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-21-2006

This blog often deals with hip hop and samples. Well, these french guys are hip hop long-time experts, plus they defintely know how to sample.


Cassius “1999″ album rocks.

When you play it, a robotic voice in the intro says “Cassius’ in the house! Pure funk!” – then you know what it’s all about.

Call it new funk, french house, electro-funk or whatever you want, the sound is great. Cassius samples sounds and recreates atmospheres from the classic 70-80′s disco tracks and adds a touch of hip hop. The result sounds at the same time modern and classic, like something you have already heard and you don’t remember when & where, but you sure like it. The album is now 7 years old and it’s still bangin. Play a track at a party and you’lll see the effect.


I’ ve been so lucky to hear Cassius dj set 3 years ago in Milan and it was outstanding. Zdar (Cassius member along with Boombass) dropped crazy funky beats for about 4 hours, cuttin and mixin with superb skills. The crowd did never stop jumpin, smilin, dancin, screaming for more. Cassius closed the set with “In love with you” by Alan Braxe-Romuald: a french house manifesto. Everybody was in trance. Definitely the best dj set i’ve ever heard.


Cassius’ radio one essential mix in 1999 is to me the #1 essential mix ever. Philippe Zdar spins one house anthem after another while Boombass throws in the mix obsessive speeded-up hip hop samples. A perfect combination, the dynamic duo at their best. One hit for all: Roxanne Shante’s “Live on stage”, a tune from back in the days when rappers were not afraid of using house instrumentals!

Listen CASSIUS 1999 Essential MIX on BBC Radio One!

(if you have problems downloading, try HERE or HERE)


(While you can’t miss Cassius’ first album and the live sets, you can skip the second and third album. If the first album is a 10, the second is 7 and the third is 5. The duo took a pop-music turn in the last album, which to me sounds corny.)

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  1. Tamta says:

    Cassius’s that house music 1999 is my favourite music ever! I liked it very much and no one knew who created it and I was searching for it in internet and once I found it. You don’t even guess,how much I love that music ! It’s great !

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  5. Charlie says:

    This is driving me crazy since ten years!
    What does the girl say in “1999″, please someone tell me! :O