A Refreshing Disco Mix For Your Summer

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Jul-04-2012

Welcome back, remember last year’s summer mix? We had a very special guest, mr. Ahmet Güneş, providing a refreshing mix for our hot italian summer. This year is my turn: i put together this little mix with a few records i’ve been collecting in the past two years which i thought would fit well together. And they do indeed! Classic and elegant vibes.

Did you read our interviews about the art of disco edit? Well, we have a few masterpieces here.

We have a couple of astounding Onur Engin edits on Plimsoll and Disco Deviance labels (he’s a true master, so elegant), a tune from a very cool limited edition Black Lodge vinyl, and a very well done Faze-O “Riding High” edit out on Endless Flight. Of course i had to play this killer Michael Jackson edit by Tangoterje,  and a track from Souleance‘s superb EP, signed with their exquisit french touch. The Suonho trademark tune, “The Ghetto” was a mandatory play of course (check the interview), along with the everlasting classic KUDU release “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This”, a track so magic that will sound modern for ever and ever.


As usual i could not limit myself to strictly disco edits, so there’s a hypnotic Moodyman classic (beautifully sampled from this 80s hit), an epic vintage-analog-ish tune from King Britt’s new Fhloston Paradigm project, an incredibly original and creative Nochexxx sound collage on Ramp Recordings as well as a new, but old sounding, one from the great Alterate Natives, a very pleasant gospel-infected house anthem on italy’s own Bosconi Records: we’re proud of you guys!

King Britt in the studio for Fhloston Paradigm

And now it’s time to let the music speak… here’s the mix: download the hi-quality mp3 from the link below, let me know if you dig it and feel free to spread it! You can pump it in your system, and let the cool breeze refresh you!  Cheers

Jopparelli – Witness The Freshness – A Summer Disco Mix by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud

LISTEN! Download the hi-quality mp3!