World Class Wrecking Cru – Surgery -

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-02-2007


After a whole day spent on the couch recovering from new year’s eve, i am ready to give you an old school classic. World Class Wrecking Cru are in my opinion the best west coast old school collective and i am sure most of you agree with me on this point. This particular song was produced by Lonzo in the 1984 and was written by Dr Dre who also provide the scretches. Yes i am talking about Dr Dre who is still in the game more than 20 years later. That is why i consider him one of the best producer in the Hip Hop history. So let’s start the new year with some old stuff.

Listen to SURGERY



Check the lyrics

Records…Mixer…Turntables…Speakers (2X)

How…She (4X)
Howwww is she (4X)
How…She (4X)
Howwww is he (4X)

[Arabian Prince]
Seven dayz a week, he’s on call
To get the party people up off the wall
You’ll fell motivated as he operates
Cuz’ party energy is what she generates
He’ll prescribe for you, her potent elixir
Two turntables, speakers, and a mixer
He’ll rock your party wherever you be.
Calling Dr. Dre to surgery

[Arabian Prince]
L.A. is the place for you to be
To witness Dr. Dre in surgery
He has a Ph. D in mixology to cut on the wheels so viciously.
Boom Boom…Boom Boom…Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom
Come here freak, closer and see.
To witness Dr. Dre in Surgery

[Arabian Prince]
Dr. Dre (4X)
Dr. Dre Dre Dre, Dr. Dre (4X)
Dr. Dre Dre Dre, Dr. Dre (3X)
Dr. Dre Dre Dre. Dr. Dre, Dr.

Bop…Bop Bop Bop…Bop…
Bop Bop Bop. Bop. Bop. Bop Bop Bop. Bop.
Bo-Bop Bop Bop..Bop Bop. Bop Bop.
Bop Bop. Bop Bop Bop.

**interchange for 16 turns**

(Durung 9th and 16th round of Uhs and Ahhs)

Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre
[Dr. Dre]
What what what what is it?
Dr. Dre
[Dr. Dre]
Dr. Dre
[Dr. Dre]
Yo yo yo yo yo

Man the freaks, man man man the freaks ain’t freaky
man man man the freaks ain’t freaky
man the freaks ain’t freaky
man the freaks ain’t freaky
man the freaks ain’t freaky
Dre talk

[computer voice]
Now that control is back you see
it’s time for the remix of surgery
So get on down at this time don’t be late
To witness Dr. Dre as he operates. Check it out!

[Dr. Dre]
I’m Dr. Dre gorgeous hunk of a man
Doing tricks on the mix like no others can
The nurses say I’m cute, they say i’m fine
but you betta beware cuz’ i’ll blow your mind
I’ll take you to my car I’ll take you to my home
ans up and down your body my finger will roam
The nurses say that I’m nasty they say that I’m mean
But when you come to my pad your guaranteed to scream

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  1. Antonio says:

    Eh si, ne ha fatta di strada Dr Dre, da pseudo Prince col mascara, a mentore del G Funk a Re Mida dell’hip hop.
    Uno dei piu’ grandi, ed allo stesso tempo uno dei responsabili del declino dell’hip hop “vero”…
    Complimenti per la scelta della canzone, comunque.
    Gusto impeccabile come sempre.
    Passate qualche volta anche voi dal mio sito…



  2. qsbird says:

    My favorite by them is the song “STAY” 1981/82!!!!

    It took me 10 years to find it!! One of the best QS-Ballads for me out there!!!!

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