Willie Hutch ‘Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme’ / Mobb Deep ‘Animal Instinct’ / Masta Ace ‘Good Ol Love’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. May-13-2007


Digging in the breaks, i have recently chanced upon this song..time for listening to the first bars “Give me some of that good old love/Let me make you feel fine” and old good feelings bobbed up in a while.
This was the same vynil played by Claudio Coccoluto at “The Prince” club in summer ’97. I remember well that night. “Cocco” would have been the resident dj, we couldn’t have missed it cause he was like an istitution, like “ok, this time only i’m minded to queue outside for a long time”.


He basically plays house music, but late 90′s was heavily influenced by african sounds such as bongos and congas; that night he played at the privee “H2O”, it was so narrow and hot but i remember i had never danced so much before. Actually i spend all the time in that cubicle just under the control desk, i don’t know how yet…ok i wasn’t sober at all, to be honest i was quite stoned (Marty could testify how that night went down ).
By the way, at the end of the show i bought a tape recorded that night…40 thousands lire, really a scam if it wasn’t for “Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme”, it came close to my heart ten years ago.

You’re gonna taste strokes of genius abound on this excellent soundtrack to the blaxploitation classic “Foxy Brown”. Willie Hutch produced and wrote every note on this record. Honestly, I wasn’t familiar with Hutch until very recently, and now I am kicking myself for not discovering him sooner. It doesn’t seem like he got the recognition he deserved. Why? This work is brilliant. The funky theme to “Foxy Brown” and “Give Me Some of That Good Old Love” are slices of delectable 70′s soul. Highly recommended.

Please follow my advices, read this previous post about Willie Hutch and don’t miss “Foxy Brown” the movie, Pam Grier is BEAUTIFUL.


Sometimes opposites trade off eachother. Take “Animal Istinct” for instance, sweet sampled song blended with threatening lyrics and hardcore beats. It seems to be a straining, but it isn’t at all.
Many people talk about “The Infamous” like that was the only classic that Mobb Deep had. While “The Infamous” was a classic in its own right dont get it twisted. Maybe Prodigy and Havoc bust the most grittiest and most complex rhymes of their rap career on this album.

I’m not sure about that, but i’m confident that both albums are standout…being part of that class of albums you’d never outwear.
P.S. 2K Mobb Deep?! Don’t even talk about that.


Ok, you already know Martini&Jopparelli are stricly 90′s, but this album is solid and Masta got full authority. Don’t agree? Blasè blasè ;)
Masta Ace has an ill flow, provides impressive lyrics and production is tight from start to finish. Originally an 80′s MC, Ace shows his longevity providing music that new and old Rap fans can enjoy. In his own words this is his last album, making it all the more valuable. I have a feeling a lot of people slept on this one, which is unfortunate but those who got it appreciated it.


9th Wonder production “Good Ol Love” is simply off the hook, backed by an ill beat, Masta Ace drops memorable rhymes while showing that he’s still hungry.
Hope he comes back and drop more gems like this one.

Listen “Foxy Brown

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  2. Jessy-J says:

    Willie is so sweet………..

  3. sly says:

    yeah, that willie hutch album had two tracks on it that really rocked my socks off…

    Thanks for introducing me to this awesome artist. Now aint that mellow mellow!

  4. Charles says:

    someone sampled the hospital theme again, i can’t find out who it is, cuz it was an instrumental that i heard, it had that down south drum pattern and the intro is almost exactly like the original, anybody know who it is ?