Whenever I Remember Them, It Fills Me With Nostalgia!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-19-2009

Biggie Smalls and Method Man live performing The What (1994)

Look at this video: they gots skills, they gots presence, they gots charisma, they gots personhood, they gots flow, they gots lyrics, they gots what today’s MCs can only dream about it.

That’s the sound we grew up with, the sound that has been really important to us during our teen years, the sound through which we have discovered so many others related musical genres. We will be always thankful to rap for this, but today the honey moon is almost over, something irreparably went wrong…

“Creatively, I always think financially too,” explained Akon to a warm audience response, and he knows whereof he speaks. Not only has the singer sold loads of albums the traditional way, but he regularly makes a mint selling ringtones. Ringtones are so important to him these days that he made sure the songs on his last album would sound good as ringtones by auditioning various mixes on his cell phone before deciding on the final mix.”

This is the guy everybody wants to collaborate with….really sad indeed!

But we won’t be sad :) so here some really funny Suge Knight quotes:

Interviewer: “You`re free, walk in the streets, you walk into a party, standing in there is Puffy, DreSnoop…what do you say?”

Suge: “You know I ain`t goin` to those type of party’s…you know, I`m straight!”

“If you look at NWA the only one that was from Compton was Eazy E. Cube is rapping about how to survive in South Central. Dre lived there breifly but he was in the house playing Atari.”

From hiphop documentary speaking about D.O.C’s contract: “There was actually a piece of paper saying that he gave away his hits for a watch and a motherf#!*in chain. I looked at the contract and it was right there…”watch and chain”…I said I aint never seen no sh*t like that!

“Dre visited me and told me he wishes he was white, That’s why he married a white woman and signed Eminem”