WBLS Radio – A gift from the past

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-15-2006

Today i did not go to work cose i have a low back pain. So i am in a bad mood because of the pain but at the same time i am in good mood as i have time to spend at home listening some good music.

This mixtape was recorded during the Rap Attack show in 1990 ( ?? ) on WBLS New York radio. The djs are Clark Kent and Marley Marl. This is history. We are on the edge of the beginning of the golden era of ’90 Hip Hop.

I will add more WBLS tape in the future. Stay tuned!!!


8 Responses to “WBLS Radio – A gift from the past”

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  2. [...] school, this time we are 1995, and Marle Marl is in control. Don’t miss the others WBLS mix (Clark Kent & Mr Magic), and most important, stay tune as we got several to give [...]

  3. mulattik says:

    nothing but good memories….

  4. blackfist says:

    classic hotness, this has really made my day

  5. Askari says:

    Ill… I stumbled upon this thanks to Davey D’s website I think. Props

  6. Thanks for keeping his memory alive!!!