The Underachievers

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Oct-09-2012

Today I want to talk about a dope rap group we found by accident on Youtube a few weeks ago. My man Marty wrote me about them and he was very enthusiastic like “Hey check this dudes, check the instrumentals and how they flow, they’re so dope”. I was very, very skeptic when i heard that.

People who follow this blog know that I’m a old shool head and I’ve lost any hope for good hip hop to come out today, especially from New York, sorry, can’t do anything about it. But guess what? These guys really surprised me with a couple of tracks, “Herb Shuttles” and “Gold Soul Theory”. First, the instrumentals are so trippy, simple but finely crafted, great sounds, modern and classic at the same time. If i don’t like the instrumentals, i usually don’t even bother to check the rest, so that was a good start. And  about the flow, well, after a few listens i must say their flow is amazing to me.

The Underachievers – Herb Shuttles ( Official Music Video )

What does it mean to have a dope flow? Well, to me having a good flow to me is singing with your speech, drawing a rhytmic pattern with your  syllables that completes the instrumental, like a jazz artist doing a percussion solo over a repetitive drum loop. And this is definitely the case, both MCs are very good, one in particular reminding me of one of the guys from Camp Lo (cant remember if it was Sonny Cheeba od Geechie Suede LOL).

The Underachievers – Gold Soul Theory ( Offical Music Video )

Next thing we know, this guys are fresh signed on Brainfeeder record label and Flying Louts himself said that he wants to do something with them. They got a mixtape coming out as well, so stay tuned!

Well, thats pretty much it, we prepared a zip with 3 files they gave for free download on their youtube channel, you got the two songs from the videos here plus another one. Enough to get to know them while we wait for the mixtape!

Download and buy if you dig it! LiSTEN HERE