The Quasimoto Mixtape – Madlib on BBC’s Giles Peterson Worldwide, May 1, 2005

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-09-2007


BBQ is like a ceremony on Monday Easter, after tons of pork chops and spicy chicken wings, your digestion is getting harder and harder.
This mixtape could be a cure-all, you don’t need anything but this (talking about music, i mean ;) )!


Quasimoto was and still is Madlib’s outlet for his most eccentric tendencies, and he really lets ‘em fly on this set!
Flexing a bugged-out, tape manipulated, high-pitched rhyme style. Lord Quas sounds off on numerous important topics, namely good weed, shady girls, his love of jazz, and the importance of crate-digging. The production provided by Madlib is outstanding, flaunting a huge amount of mellow grooves, frisky breakbeats and smoky jazz vibes.

Listen to Quasimoto Mixtape

Check out this fair interview with MadLib

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  1. Bana Tesfazghi says:

    Thank You So Much!!!!!
    I’ve been looking for this for a year, i wanna kiss you….
    But we’re guys…. Guys dont do that kinda thing

    Jus Kiddin’
    Your taste in music is just beautiful… please continue to spread the vibes and stuff (ATCQ)


  2. Marty says:

    Hey Bana, you are welcome.

    I ll post The Unseen Instrumental soon. But please no petting

    Big up!

  3. JamieCurzon says:

    been after this one for ages …..nice one…im looking for a downloadable version of Jaylib vs J-Rocc, if you can help would be much appreciated or could trade

  4. Just find the tracklist:

    1. Sun Ra – Intro
    2. Budda Temple Meets Rock People ( Prod By Madlib )
    3. Frenza – Yo Yo Afair ( Prod By Madlib )
    4. Sun Ra – Real Talk
    5. Quasimoto – Seasons Change
    6. Kwanza – Karma
    7. Mark Murphy – Slide
    8. Madlib . Raw Humps Beats
    9. Young Jazz Rebels – Kamala ( Prod By Madlib )
    10. Unknow – Miss KItty
    11. Unknow – Deception
    12. Percee p – The Untitled A.k.a Put It On The Line ( Prod By Madlib )
    13. Young Jazz Rebels – Miss K ( Prod By Madlib )
    14. J Dilla – Untitled
    15. Jaylib – Take It Back A.k.a The UnOfficial
    16. Unknow – Secret Jazz Jems
    17. Jerbie Hancock – Live Bootleg In France

  5. Marty Nabuc says:

    I love quasimoto/madlib…I am inteested in getting more into his music and other artist.Does any one know where I could find that Jazz part in seasons change?Did he make that or another artist? Because i know the D.c. city part is from another singer but what about tha jazz part?

  6. Honestly, i don’t know. I will try do find more info about it.

    Thanks to stop by!

  7. Matthew says:

    i just became aware of this mixtape, could you PLEASE!!! re-post it for download??

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