The Pharcyde – Sold My Soul – The remix & rarity collection

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-23-2007


This is a double cds compilation of rarity and remixes. If you love The Pharcyde you should not miss it. Some of the best producers in the business give their touch on this work. You got Da Beatminerz, you got J Swift, you got J Dee (R.I.P), you got Kenny Dope, you got Fatlip and many more. They almost re-record some of the best classic Pharcyde tracks. They put their talent at disposal of The Pharcyde lyrical madness. Plus you got some rarities. I still prefer the original but don’t get me wrong,  this collection worth a listen.


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  1. ozzino says:

    i agree with Marty, it can’t be compared to the original but it’s a good selection

  2. kingkrool says:

    Thanks a lot man! I’ve been looking for some way to get into listening to The Pharcyde, and FINALLY, I am getting my chance. Hope this is as good as I think it is…

  3. Bahia says:

    props on this post, i have this album already but it took me forever to find, if your a pharcyde fan u will like it reguardless. Good looking on this site, ive been a long time lurker 1st time poster you’ve been putting up some quality stuff up lately, keep up the great work