The first Hip Hop song ever?

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-10-2007


When trying to define when, where and how Hip Hop is born, many theories usually come out. Many names, many years, many places. Afrika BambataaJamaica’s sound systemsKool Herc bloc partiesMohammed Ali interviews… James BrownSouth BronxQueens… everyone got his own favourite.
A wise person should recognize that Hip Hop was the effect of many different social, musical and human conditions, and that is a nonsense trying to give a single person the credit for the creation of the genre.
But as I said before, is obvious that everyone got his own favourite, and mine is Gil Scott Heron, and the song I am referring to is ‘The revolution will not be televised’, the first hip hop song ever.

I know nothing would have happened probably until Kool Herc started the art of djing, I know the great Mohammed Ali was freestyling rhymes in every interview he made back in the 50′s… But face it, this tune is a complete hip hop song, from the beat to the lyrics, from the beginning to the end. This is more Hip Hop than most of the mainstream Hip Hop out now. And it date back to 1970 !
What a great song, a great content and a great concept. The title itself is brilliant. Gil Scot Heron, almost 40 years ago, already understood what many people still has to…
The track speaks for itself, no need to use more word, just listen.

Mr Scot Heron was sampled by many artists in hip hop history, including De La Soul, Grand Puba, Jungle Brothers and Kenny dope… What I present you now is a song featured on the Bside of ‘The Revolution will not be Televised’ vynil: ‘Home is where the Hatred is’.
Who but Kanye and Common could bring back such a legend, and put such a political artist sampled in a mainstream album? These 2 guys are litterally giving hip hop new life, and this song is just a little example. Stay tuned with our blog if you dig ‘Ye and Common, soon I’ll have a post on some of the best collaborations they made.

DOWNLOAD the song ‘My Way Home’, By Kanye and Common MIXED WITH ‘Home is where the hatred is by Gil Scot Heron
I added some Consequence lyrics to the track too.


Just ended writing the post, a friend hooked me up with the new Common single… Guess who’s the artist sampled?

Watch Common ‘The People’ (dope!)

Watch Gil Scot Heron live in the 90′s ‘We almost lost Detroit’

The karma of the streets is needs and takes
Sometimes we find peace in beats and breaks
Put the bang in the back so the seats can shake
Rebel Cadillac music for the people sake
The People

(Jopparelli Update): don’t forget to check out a classic tune by Masta Ace on “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” instrumental. The song is “Take a Look Around”, a sad but beautiful portrait of Masta’s neighbourhood. The lyrics are indeed a documentary on emargination, full of touching real-life stories about what Ace calls “The other side of town”.

Listen! Masta Ace “Take a look around”

(Update number 2): Soulman found an unexpected candidate for the first hip hop song ever: Joan Baez! Read the full story here

(Update number 3): another big candidate HERE.

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22 Responses to “The first Hip Hop song ever?”

  1. djmp45 says:

    the first one was joe tex…also called the rapper because of his way to recite lyrics

  2. Marty says:

    Fatback Band – King Tim III ?

    …..basically, i don’t know.

  3. ilmago says:

    Like I wrote, everybody can select his own ‘year 0′ for the genre.
    That depends on where you put attention… to the lyrics, to the music, to the social and political content…
    I am sure some James Brown fan will also disagree with my choice! ;)

    Anyway, Joe Tex and King Tim III sure deserve to be mentioned.

  4. djmp45 says:

    the last poets could go in there as well

  5. ilmago says:

    About James Brown, does somebody know when the song ‘Public Enemy #1′ was recorded first?
    I found that in a ’90s collection (Star Time), but can’t find the 1st time that was recorded.
    That is one of my favourite song EVER, and if belongs to the 70′s could be mentioned in this post as well… Marti? Joppa? DJMP? JazzmasterOzzino?

    • cbrecords says:

      hip hop started in the 70s n it aint start gettin worldwide untill the 90s soo it aint nun to do wit public enimy

  6. Any idea on where to get an mp3 of “the revolution will not be televised” instrumental?

  7. I haven’t heard this song in years!!!!!

  8. niki says:

    wow this song is so old…………………….

  9. james says:

    ;) :) :> :( :< :o :p :z :x :c :b :l :q :) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;)

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  11. . says:

    wow this is interesting

  12. Poet says:

    I have PE’s 1# on a DEF Jam samlper Vol 2 from 1987.I’ve got “Your gonna get yours” on Vol 1 though from 87′ as well .I think the Album must have surely been realeased late that year.Im sure I first saw them perform in 88′ in Melbourne Australia.Good times!!

  13. Chau Fuse says:

    Good to see the love being spread here! Hip-hop for life!

  14. Nosbic says:

    I’m looking for the instrumental to “The Revolutiom Will Not Be Televised”…can anyone help?

  15. derek simmons says:

    the first hip hop song is still controversal between sugarhill gang & king tim iii, but whatever the case may be, these were the first hip hop songs
    the term “hip hop” was not used before afrika bambaataa created it in the early 70′s, so dont get it twisted about gil scott heron or the last poets….they are not considered hip hop artists, but are widely respected by the hip hop community, as with james brown, george clinton….etc

  16. Teach You says:

    That was the First Funk Song with a Rap verse in it, not a Hip Hop song. They sung throughout the whole song while the beat changes. Rappers Delight by the Sugar Hill Gang is a Hip Hop SONG to the fullest!

  17. Dunno about the above, but the first proper hip-hop track recorded was Tanya “Sweet Tee” Winley’s “Vicious Rap”, circa 1978.

  18. Hissyspit says:

    Teach You is accurate in saying it first funk with rap in it, but I swear – MUSICALLY – Bill Cosby invented hip-hop (not on purpose). Go listen to his version of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Lonely Heart’s Club Band” (1968?). It sounds sampled, its got the break. LOL