Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-07-2006

Wu TangWu TangFrom today I start a new weakly review on Hip Hop album from the past. I will do this on a regular basis trying to find out , like in an almanac , which album was out during this period , some years ago. Just to bring back good old memories you know.

Today is the 7th of November 2006 . Exactly 13 years ago from now , one of the most impressive album of Hip Hop history was released : Enter the Wu Tang . Wu Tang Clan. This album characterize an era. If you are in this blog you should know the impact of the Wu Tang Clan in the Hip Hop business. This was the first album of a saga. Maybe is not the best , i prefer the Raekwon the Chef one , but it absolutely made a breakthrough in Hip Hop. So in November 1993 a significant milestone was drop.

Wu Tang 

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  1. DNA aka Da Nasty Andrea says:

    Jopparelli, respect this post!

    You can’t forget your past, this is where it all started