Summer Time and the Livin’ is Easy

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Aug-03-2008

We will be closed till the end of August!

In the meantime I have scheduled a few short posts (mainly re-ups and some interesting links)

Enjoy your holidays and see you in a month!

Let’s start with: Paul C Lives Mixtape @ The Canteen of the Deranged

(It’s in Italian but I am sure you will find your way to the mix)

Say thanks to Antonio for this!

5 Responses to “Summer Time and the Livin’ is Easy”

  1. DJ KID GREBO says:

    Peace fam,

    I’m DJ KID GREBO, and I made that Paul C. Lives mix-tape. The final version is going to be hosted by Prince Poetry of Organized Konfusion so stay tune.

    Check out my myspace page

  2. djmp45 says:

    cool dude , cant wait to hear that..i heard that some sport g & mastermind unreleased material will come out soon, hopefully produced by the great paul c.

  3. djmp45 says:

    oh , let us know when you put the final mix out!
    nice 1

  4. DJ KID GREBO says:

    Peace family,

    Here is the link to this version of my mix featuring Prince Po:

  5. djmp45 says:

    thanks mate
    i’ll give it a listen straight away!!
    nice 1