Stones Throw Live at Montreux Jazz Festival (July 11, 2004)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-03-2007

In my opinion we should be thankful to Stones Throw Records for keeping Hip Hop alive nowadays. It is one of the only labels that is still focused on the music and not only on the money. I mean, they do a good balance between the two things as it should be normal for somebody who produce music. But today seems it works on the other way around: first you produce in order to sell, than you care about the quality. That does not mean i like everything they do as some of the affiliates are crap but Jay D (R.I.P), Madlib and Peanut are genius by today’s standards. So dig their site (Stones Throw Records) and enjoy this eclectic dj set.

Listen to Stones Throw Live at Montreux Jazz Festival part 1

Listen to Stones Throw Live at Montreux Jazz Festival part 2

Listen to Stones Throw Live at Montreux Jazz Festival part 3



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  1. djmp45 says:

    i completely agree with you, stone throw is such a great label and they push quality music(part due to madlib insanity for crate diggin…).
    the madvillain album is just up to early 90′s proper hip hop stuff and the quasimoto stuff is just really advanced.
    check dj troubl’s mix on stone throw site(you can download it for free!!!) where he mix quasimoto tunes with jazz and funk sample(he even play the 9th creation “bubble gum” which is one of my favourite breaks i have on vinyl…artifacts “wrong side of the track” ring any bell?)
    anyway great post as usual and happy new year!

  2. Marty says:

    Buon anno e daga det!!!
    I got the dj troubl’s mix and is great.
    Give us a contribution once in a while.
    You are always more than welcome.
    Bring us some flava from Brighton!!!!!

  3. Antonio says:

    What aphiliates do you think are crap?
    I am curious to know…
    Stones Throw rules!

  4. djmp45 says:

    when i got my decks back i’ll do a mixtape and post it on the site…i’ve got some really tasty breaks i bought recently, so i think i’ll do something like the kon & amir “on track” series..just breaks and loops..if you want to check some brighton flavour go to

  5. joppa says:

    My opinion: Lootpack sucks. Nice Instrumentals but the rhymmes are too repetitive in my opinion. Their flow is annoying, they got no personality. But this is only my opinon.

    Ho sentito i lootpack e non mi piacciono. Basi carine ma le loro rime secondo me fanno veramente cagare. Rime da quinta elementare, continuano a dire “mentally” e “lyrically” ogni due parole, con quelle loro vocette odiose. Metriche anche molto mosce, non hanno flow per niente. Il loro flow è irritante, cantilenante piu’ che altro.

    Questa la mia opinione, per carità solo questione di gusti personali.

    Sentiamo che ne dice Martini.

  6. Marty says:

    I agree Joppa, the lootpack project sucks even if madlib is in it. Than i don’t like Oh no and Med. But this is normal, like back in the days with the wu-affiliates, some were good some others were crap.

  7. Lord Blak says:

    Part 2….needs a re up…. Nice blog..

  8. Marty says:

    I did the re up.

  9. satyricon says:

    repost, pleazzzeeee!