Smoothe Da Hustler – ‘Once Upon A Time In America’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-23-2007

“Once Upon A Time In America” is a masterpiece motion-picture directed by Sergio Leone with an astonishing soundtrack written by Ennio Morricone.
Whatever this blog deal with music, so i’m not going off the rails.

Same title different footprint, this time Smoothe Da Hustler is da man.


Actually it’s hard to rate ’90s hip hop albums, all the more so putting them in a ranking (because of everyone’s personal taste) that’s why i’m not asking you to share my opinion now…take your time, have a listen and i’m sure you’ll be compelled to give it at least 4 mics.

Undisputed MC skills, his brother Trigger da Gambler by his side (another rapper who could dictate the rules) and DR Period’s dope loops..those are like a warranty stamp, as well as on early M.O.P. productions.
You can account it as one of the illest albums came out in ’96 cause it was thoughtful, honest and rugged to the core.

As is the trend for many an aspiring MC, appearing on underground mix tapes throughout the NY Metropolitan area was this Brooklyn rapper’s jumpoff. In 1995, having circulated his name and created a buzz, Smoothe made a power move with the release of “Broken Language,” an exercise in thug-life linguistics that helped influence a new style of MCing.
The track was actually the B-side of their original single for Profile Records, “Hustlin’ which was better-than-average hip-hop, but the B-side sleeper became Smoothe’s claim to fame.


Read the following passage in which Smoothe himself makes it clear on what i’m talkin about :

That was a freestyle flow me and Trigga used to do in the hallways just bullshitting. My man Khryst used to beat on the wall while we were in the hallway shooting dice or whatever and we’d be rapping off the head just bugging out. That was more like braggadocios type shit to see if we could outdo each other. When we got the track from D/R Period it was unorthodox so we figured we’d just do that shit, change the flavor up and run with it and it came out hot.”
The use of Curtis Mayfield’s “Freddie’s Dead” for the track “Hustler’s Theme” was particularly genuine.
Smoothe and Trigga tasted the water in ’95, rolled the dice, got a 6+6 in ’96 and that’s it…”The world is yourz niggaz!”


Basically ‘tapes exchange’ was common practice in the ’90s, one day i got this tape with some old classics plus few funny recordings by Terno al Lotto. T/A/L rapping skills were already evident :) , as for the tune on which they slipped their flow..that was new flava and you can prefigure how it would have gone, Smoothe’s album gained first free slot in my tapes tower.
It’s like a coarse gem you’ll listen without ever get tired!

Check the video “Broken Language”

Smoothe da Hustler ft. Trigger tha Gambler – Broken Language

Check here the tracklist

Listen to “Once Upon A Time In America

Listen to “Freddie’s dead

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  1. Marty says:

    Best song of the Album is dollar bill in my opinion.

    Check Freddie’s dead:

  2. ill-mago says:

    great Album and great post Ozzino… my favourite songs is ‘My brother’ where Trigga and Smoothe alternate in an incredible way at the mic…crzy!. D.R. Period is still producing something recently.. but the 2 MCs really disappeared!

  3. Ozzino says:

    as i said in the post, it’s all about everyone’s taste…i think best song is Hustlin’ with Raekwon.
    P.S. Thanks Marty for adding “Freddy’s dead”

  4. you posted a Pete Rock & CL Smooth album instead of Smoothe Da Hustler’s, right ?

  5. actually, it’s mixed between Smoothe and CL Smooth…

  6. Ozzino says:

    i’ve inserted them in order to plug up the cd, but i forgot to make a cut :)
    thanks for pointing it out

  7. Jaz says:

    I haven’t listened to this years and you have made me change that, thank you, do you think the vinyl is worth much these days?

  8. Ozzino says:

    re-link is done.
    Yo Jaz, you should ask to djmp45..he’d know for certain!
    Thank you for coming to our blog, hope you’ll stay tuned