Shyheim ‘One’s 4 Da Money’ / Donald Byrd ‘Cristo Redentor’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-22-2007

This time my music selection takes the opposite path, starting from a classic track from a genius who goes by the name of Donald Byrd, just finding later that it was sampled by Prince Rakeem for Shyheim’s first album “AKA The Rugged Child”. A friend of mine recommended me “Cristo Redentor”, included in “A New Perspective” album.


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It’s not a pure jazz song, because you can rarely listen to “voices” in a jazz setting. Mr. Byrd created an inspirational piece, it starts in damper, but you’ll be soon captivated by his grand trumpet sound. This is an exceptional album and a true classic released by outstanding Blue Note Records.

Ok it’s not properly what you usually listen on your car stereo (while playin’ with the sixteen switches ;) ), but try to relax yourself for a while and listen to it, it’s like a smooth tune that takes you to an idle state of mind
Cristo Redentor


“I’m goin’ to make a proposal that you can’t refuse”
maybe it’s what the RZA told Shyheim when he was only 14, and Ghostface became his godfather givin’ him the special mandate “to rap out the realness in the streets”..he is still doing it.
To me he was not the best MC coming out from Staten Island, but he was a child on the top of NY, rappin’ on stage with two giants as Biggie and Tupac and collaborating with Big L (R.I.P.) ..this is enough to say he was a predestined.
Enjoy “One’s 4 Da Money”

Listen to this cut recorded from his amazing ’94 Garden live performance