Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock ‘It Takes Two’ / The Galactic Force Band ‘Space Dust’ / Lyn Collins ‘Think (About It)’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-23-2007

For all those who didn’t listen to Kenny Dope mixtape (check relative post by Joppa), time has come to recover it.
I listened it several times, i defenitely love when he blends Esther Williams with The Jackson 5 and Marvyn Gaye in a crescendo up till “Space Dust” by The Galactic Force Band..outstanding, i fell in love with this track.
It has a deep electronic tune, crushing beats and an atmosphere that put you almost beyond the borders.


They composed “Theme From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” furthermore. Check “Spaced Out Disco” tracklist, wich includes “Space Dust” itself. If someone of you have further information about them, please leave a comment..i haven’t discovered so much online yet.
It might be that Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock prized it as well. Take this great piece, arrange it with a hip hop tune, throw in a lovely vocal sample from Lyn Collins and you get a platinum selling hit!
“It Takes Two” was released in 1988, it raised up charts at once becoming over the years a classic, although omonym album was quickly collected and so not at the same level with it.


No doubt everybody listened to it, also who is not a rap lover 24/7.
It’s like maccheroni with the’ve tasted them once in lifetime at least.
Few words about Lyn Collins sample “It takes two to make a thing go right / It takes two to make it outta sight“.. it’s like a cherry on the cake.


Listen “It Takes Two
Listen “Think (About It)
Listen “Space Dust
and check “It Takes Two” video


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  1. joppa says:

    great post ozzino! “space dust” and “it takes two”, what a dope selection!!

    Listening to “it takes two” makes me think damn, this was hip hop. So funky and cool. Hip hop on MTV nowadays is two times crap compared to this.

    Rob Base beats 50 and Snoop, first round knock out. match closed.

  2. ozzino says:

    it was hip hop party time!

  3. PappaWheelie says:

    Important to note that both Space Dust and Think were sampled from the Breakbeat Lenny’s Ultimate Breaks & Beats SBR516 compilation, released in 1987.

    A couple other relevant notes:

    That part of Think was looped first by Marley Marl for Roxanne Shante’s Go On Girl (there is a 1987 version, and a 1988 remix that became more popular).

    Marley Marl pioneered sampling as loops in late 1987 as Emu’s SP1200 sampler came out in August (with more sampling time than the SP12, making it easy to do pre-production from home for the first time). Lenny’s 1st comp in the UB&B series came out in 1986, so the whole thing was lined up.

    Rob Base and EZ Rock were just one of many that jumped on board with the new technique come 1988. However, they maintained that their take on Think was different because of the hi-hat pattern that mimicked Strafe’s Set it Off. They’ve said that they felt the need to replay the hi-hats as to not get sued. I’ve never bought this defense at face value…

    Lenny’s comps came from past expertise. He (along with the legendary Elroy) used to work at Downstairs Records in the 70s when all the Bronx breaks DJs used to shop there for parties. The songs chosen for the comps were longstanding anthems at Hip-Hop parties that predate Rap records. The mid-to-late 80s producers who bought the comps were the “new school”, picking up on the tradition of breaks culture built by Herc, Flash, Bam, Afrika Islam, Charlie Chase, DST, etc.

    A list of all UB&B comps can be found here:

  4. to PappaWheelie:

    Much thanks for schooling us, man! Appreciated your comment very much since I’m a big fan of yours. I used to read your articles on miami bass history and collect all your miami bass compilations. Being very much into miami bass, I’m always very interested in what you have to say!

    Speaking on this one, I never realized this, I always thought the UB&B series came after the Rob Base joint. Sounds curious that they picked up the samples from a compilation, even if UB&B is on another lever from other compilations, no doubt.

    It would be really great if you could find the time to write a guest post on this blog, so if you’re interested, let us know!