Quasimoto “Axe Puzzles” + Mel & Tim “Keep the Faith” + Jay Z “The Prelude”

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-26-2009

First of all, I just heard that Florida had a song sampling some italian 90′s commercial-dance music aka the lamest music ever: what-the-fuck.


Mel & Tim are from Holly Springs, Mississipi. Syl Johnson was from Holly Springs too, whoa.They moved to Chicago, met the great Gene Chandler, dropped a couple hits in the late 60′s, then they signed to Stax Records. Maybe you remember them for “Good Guys Only Win in the Movies”. I recently heard that song in “Anchorman” with Will Ferrel. I like Will Ferrel.


I’m not a Quasimoto fan, I can barely tolerate his voice for one verse. Beats are fire though. I don’t know what pot Madlib was on when he invented all that Quasimoto stuff, but I WANT THAT. Keep the Faith’s got an ill bassline. I like the way the sample is distorted and how it sounds low-fi-electro here. B-Money later used Keep the Faith for “The Prelude”, a good song from Jay Z “Kingdome Come” .

HERE‘s me just playin at the turntables with the 3 songs.

6 Responses to “Quasimoto “Axe Puzzles” + Mel & Tim “Keep the Faith” + Jay Z “The Prelude””

  1. djmp45 says:

    that flo rida song has to be the most awful song ever..it just made me laugh how terrible it is
    so you got serato now?

  2. Of course not! I have bought all the post 2k Jay Z shit in double vinyl, and I delete every mp3 I download after 24 hours ;)

  3. djmp45 says:

    ah ah…i knew you were a big jay z fan ;)

  4. Blueprint is a great album, one of my top… mmm… 20.

  5. Black Moses says:

    Primo sampled this joint on M.O.P.’s “Salute”