Prince Paul – Hip Hop Gold Dust

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-27-2007

Today’s mix was released in the 2005 by Prince Paul on Antidote. Prince Paul is a producer who has been behind some key Hip Hop groups such as De La Soul, Gravediggaz and Stetsasonic among others. He was the first one who introduce the skits in the De La Soul crucial album 3 Feet High and Rising. Nowadays skits are integral part of almost any Rap album. I am not very thankful to Prince Paul for that as somethimes skits are disturbing but this is a fact.

This is a brilliant collection of remixes and unheard tracks. The standard is pretty high and is a good excursus on Prince Paul’s career. To be honest not all the tracks are remarkable but in average any tune is ok. Some are dope. I will post more about Antidote records in the future.

My favourite track is Groove B Chill – Top of the hill.


No Responses to “Prince Paul – Hip Hop Gold Dust”

  1. Marty says:

    Yes, Prince Paul is great.

    To make it clear (otherwise people could think i am an English wanna be), we write in English as most of our contacts are from foreign people. I know, nobody leaves a comment, they just come and download, but this is another story……..

  2. M says:

    “Sometimes skits are disturbing.”

    Very true! I have yet to hear a hip-hop album where the skits were worth listening to.

  3. djmp45 says:

    the skits on de la soul is dead were hilarious!
    big up to marty to post some antidote stuff, very nice label(check the dj paul nice stuff!)

  4. Antonio says:

    Yes, the skits are only good if Prince Paul is involved, ahah…
    Did you hear the “Wu-Tang” skit on the Dix album?
    Prince Paul is the master!

    And, talking about the Wu, I liked the skits on the seminal Only Built for Cuban Linx.
    Most of the time, they are really annoying, though.

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  7. Khalil says:

    If I caught Prince Paul fucking my girl in my house, I’d kick his ass, but it would be the most RESPECTFUL ass kicking I’ve ever given. He’s just that important to hip-hop.

  8. Logski says:

    Y’all got great f**kin taste in MUSIC

    fo’ real that.

  9. Max says:

    You gotta respect Prince Paul. That’s all I’m sayin’.

    Hip Hop Isn’t Dead

  10. Davie says:

    Why is “Hip Hop Gold Dust” so expensive?

    Is it real made from real gold dust?

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