One Hundred Thousand! One Love

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-25-2007

Today is a big day here at Musicselections!!  

Few hours ago we reached 100000 contacts

That’s just in few months so we are very happy for this result. We never thought that this blog would take it this far 

We would like to thanks some of the people who gives us help on making this place a nice spot for music lovers: Ozzino, Dj mp45, Ilmago. You guys are doing a great job. 

What we love more are comments, but most of the time people just come and go without living any message. Camon’ guys, you can do much better than this. Let’s share opinions and suggestions on music, that is why we are running this blog. If you are an aficionados of this site, give us props! We will appreciate that. 

Ok, big present for all of you: WILD STYLE THE MOVIE (click here for more info from our previous post)




You need to download the three parts to watch the movie!

No Responses to “One Hundred Thousand! One Love”

  1. Apollo Cream says:

    Really happy fir your blog’s contacts number!The Lee Morgan’s LP is AMAZIN!Keep supportin good music!Thanks


  2. Ozzino says:

    defenetely one of the most sampled jazz album ever…madlib knows it well

  3. sk says:

    brilliant blog. always quality selections. always very much appreciated. keep up the good work.

  4. HitMeWithIt says:

    Thank you for the moviee.
    I love the site. Makes mine look worse than amatuer.
    Advice on filehosts: Sendspace/ not the best, limits downloading speed and doesn’t allow the downloader to use a download manager. so if it gets disconnected at all you have to restart instead of resuming.
    There are much better services that are also free and easy to use with no speed limiter or ban on using a download manager.
    Try using or or or even the dreaded or next time. They really do better than sendspace.
    And don’t let me forget to recommend the best of ALL
    You need no other service for sharing a few files.
    Keep blogging mate.

  5. Marty says:

    You are right hitmewithhit, we usually use sharebee or ohshare but the only one that allow you to upload up to 300 mb is sendspace. That is why i used it for Wild Style. Otherwise when we upload music we don’t use it cose sendspace sucks. Thanks for the tips anyway.

  6. HitMeWithIt says:

    Good movie! Worth the download for sure!
    I will put your link on my page when i update tonight ok…Keep posting mate!