Oliver Sain / Puff Daddy Jay Z Notorious BIG

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-07-2006

As everybody bust my man Joppa’s balls because he put Puff Daddy’s album No way out in his top 10 underrated albums, i am here to prove that the album is perhaps too commercial but besides that we have some impressive works. That does not mean i would put him in my top ten but nobody can deny how they were good in sampling tracks and in producing beats. The song young g’s takes a sample from the awesome On the hill. This track was composed by Oliver Saints , The Man with the Golden Horn’ , a St Louis legend. He wasn t a very prolific artist , he drop few singles and as far as i know just an album. He is well know as a blues musician but this tune is an outstanding example of modern Jazz. This song is an instrumental jazz tune , sweet and smooth with a very slow bassline, as usual we don’t drop you just breaks , we drop you master-work. So follow us as the juice worth the squeeze.



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  1. djmp45 says:

    dont get me wrong, that puffy album was alright(and this song demonstrate it), but it’s not the kind of album that you can go back after years and listen to it and think”oh, i forgot how great it was..”.
    the hitmen were a great team of producers(puffy doesn’t produce, doesn’t write songs, he just choose what he likes..) and made incredible tunes(who shot ya…what a beat!)…but they used quite few loops already used on interludes of other people albums ( like in this case pete rock and cl smooth main ingredient), which may be their weak point(compared to big crate diggers like large professor, pete rock or diamond d…).
    anyway great tunes with the greatest rapper of all times(biggie, not puffy…)

  2. DJGiulio says:

    Sorry DjMP, but I DO go back after years and listen to “Victory”, “Young G’s”, “I love you Baby”, “Is this the end”, “Pain”, “Do you know”, “I got the power” and everytime I DO say: “shit I forgot how great this album was!”
    And at every party in my house I DO play “It’s all about the Benjamins”, “Can’t nobody hold me down” and “Been around the world”.
    Keep listen to Large Professor if you feel him that much, but please don’t playahate…. :)

  3. djmp45 says:

    i think i’ll never forgive puffy for “i’ll be missing you”…how crap that tune is!…a stalker song(the police) turned into a memorial for biggie….

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