Nas: One Love (Reggae RMX by IlMago)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-29-2008

 nas velour suit

This is a little preview of a mixtape I am preparing: ‘The golden album.’

The reason behind the title is simple: this mixtape will be all about golden era hip hop vocals and roots reggae samples… So what you’ll get is gold upon gold.
As usual here at Martini and Jopparelli quality comes first, so don’t expect to get your hands on this before next summer.

The main sample for this beat is from Alton Ellis ‘Lord deliver Us’. I’m in love with Alton Ellis.

Hope you will enjoy this… Any comment or request will be appreciated.
If someone is interested in the instrumental version, just contact me.

DOWNLOAD: Nas ’One Love IlMago RMX’

here is an alternative link… 

Alton Ellis and band

9 Responses to “Nas: One Love (Reggae RMX by IlMago)”

  1. nofrillz says:

    sup bruvs. i wanna check this out but the link is dead man

  2. nofrillz says:

    thats gonna be one ill mixtape man

  3. ilmago says:

    I’ve added an alternative link…

  4. I’ve got this on constant loop. I can not wait for you to be done with this. You should echo out Nas voice when he says One Love and cut out Q-Tip that way the echo will ride over the chorus. There is also a link on my website for a mix that I had done for my clothing company. It is a free download and you can pass it around.

  5. nuk23 says:

    nicely done..dope instrumental! I can’t wait to hear more!

  6. respect says:

    very nice. can we have the rest of this now please?

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  8. [...] The Golden Album is coming, the release date has been pushed forward due to heavy bootlegging in the hood. This is the third remix I bring you, this time a not-so-classic tune: Children Of The Corn’s American Dream. The song sampled is “Loving you really comes easy” by Chee Chee & Peppy: Pure early 70’s Bubblegum soul in the house! I am quite satisfied by the result, so as always every comment is welcome. [...]