Marvin Gaye ‘T Plays It Cool’ – Powerule ‘Smooth’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-12-2007

Sir Kenny Dope should fee me for advertising its mixtape so much ;) , i’m repeating myself…top-notch folks!
Bit by bit i’m nicking every tracks for my music selections.

Is there any hip hop artist who hasn’t sampled a Marvin Gaye song yet? Nah i don’t think so.

It’s captivating how this track could be put out nowadays by some so called R’n B genius, “T Plays it cool” turns out to be timeless though it was written in ’72 (Motown Records). It belongs to “Trouble Man” OST, so often compared to “Shaft” one but they are truly poles apart, both for the movie genre and for the atmosphere they create. Marvin Gaye taps deep into his talent placing enphasis on an evocative sax and a tom-tom beat in order to obtain an all sympathetic noirish tune.


Powerule sampled it in “Smooth” which is not their most known track, to tell the truth this NYC crew is not so famous itself..just a record in ’91 under Interscope label and a couple of singles in the late 90′s plus an extract from 4Dj’s mixtape “5 Deadly Venoms Of Brooklyn”.


“Volume 1″ is a solid album, with lots of classic samples, involving beats, brief interviews with hip hop journalist Bonz Malone (remember him in “Slam” playing the part of Hopha) and some strong featurings…all this is enough to take it on point.

- Sadat X said “I’ve got a lot of soul yo“, listen to this track and feel free to think it as well

Listen to “T Plays It Cool

- No matter where you’ll be while listening to it, just let these smooth sound come in

Listen to “Volume 1

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  1. random says:

    working on a marvin gaye free hip hop dedication mixtape…. posting a new track to the myspace every week in april, the month of his birth and death.

  2. D says:

    Sadat X said “I’ve got a lot of soul yo“, listen to this track and feel free to think it as well

    not ‘taps deep into his talent’… Jesus Christ digs all the way deep by His grace for me and gives me all soul and all good things, by His grace. Jesus Christ IS Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace.

  3. ilMago says:

    sorry D, here at M&J we only believe in the almighty Jacob