Main Source ‘Vamos a Rapiar’ / Vicki Anderson ‘Message From The Soul Sisters’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-15-2008

One of the first posts turned up from your favourite music blog…forget about it :) !
2006 October 14th, i’m sure our aficionados got this solid in their mind.
Today i’ll talk about Main Source and that dope sample they chose for “Vamos a Rapiar”.


The title is supposed to translate to “Let’s Rap” from Spanish, i guess. However, i honestly doubt that in ANY Spanish-speaking country, “rapiar” is a word. And if it is, i doubt even more that it actually means “to rap”.


Anyway though, the song is ill. In the background is Joe Fatal, the Puerto Rican DJ and sometimes-rapper who was once affiliated with Tragedy Khadafi during his Intelligent Hoodlum days. Fatal, who was (at the time) one of the Large Professor’s best friends, sounds like a sportscaster, narrating in Spanish during the hook. This added effect makes you think you’re listening to a b-ball game or something. Add to that the fact that the beat that sounds vaguely like stock “sports music” from games, and you wonder if this was in fact LP’s intention.


James Brown said in his autobiography that Vicki Anderson was the best singer he ever had in his revue, which should give you a hint as to her ability when you consider that JB’s revue also employed the likes of Lyn Collins and Marva Whitney, who were amazing singers. While it is pricey, this collection is more than worth getting for all the funky grooves it contains. Not to mention, this is the ONLY release of Vicki Anderson’s material that is currently available.


In 1970 she released her most famous song, “Message From The Soul Sisters”, the feminist anthem ‘Message From The Soul Sisters’ (still a floor filler 35 years later) which opens this anthology…it has an extremely catchy piano riff and a vampin’ groove by the JB’s. Not only are these songs entertaining with her sassy answers to the originals and her irresistable attitude, but they are also horn driven jams that are funky as f#*k.

enjoy them both!

Vicki Anderson “Message From The Soul Sisters

Main Source “Breakin Atoms

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  1. punk-cho says:

    in fact, in spanish we say “rapear” o “rimar” (rhymin). Cheers

  2. Antonio says:

    “Vamos a rapear”, then!

  3. Adamoda says:

    This blog is so great! Thanks.