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Do you remember “Luck of Lucien” from ATCQ first album? I hope so (ATCQ are definitely my favourite group of all time, i hope you readers can agree with me!) because it was one of the strongest track from their first album (no download should own that stuff..and if you don’t, then go out and buy it..both cd and vynil like i did!).
Well, on that track Q-Tip talks about the misadventures of French Native Tongue member Lucien: he produced some stuff in the early nineties (like “ya dont stop” on the 94 beatnuts lp…dope tune by the way) and other project which i’m not very aware of (my knowledege on french hip hop is basically zero).

The other day on one of my diggin expedition here in Brighton, i found this vynil “Jimmy Jay-Les cool sessions”:I know that lately all the 90′s french hip hop are getting pretty expensive (why?), so i picked it up immediately, founding out later that it’s a pretty rare record.
On this album you have probably the only solo cut that Lucien ever did and, for all the Cassius fans, the debut on vinyl for La Funk Mob (sampling Joe Quarterman – So much trouble in my mind and some other weird noises..if i’m not wrong).
The album itself is not really my cup of tea (I can’t understand what they are saying…maybe i’m missing something…maybe not), but maybe people who are into french hip-hop or are Cassius Die-hard fans(I don’t know any of them..i mean die hard Cassius’fans…maybe one!) will probably like it, so I uploaded the Lucien song plus La Funk Mob one and the ending track by Mc Solaar (a blend of Gangstarr, Ed O.g. and others samples basically) for your listening pleasure (sorry if I couldn’t be bothered to upload the all album…)
You can download these 3 tracks here
au revoir (is it correct?)!

(Unfortunately I have to sell this one due to various reasons a.k.a credit crunch is a muthafucka..pardon my french..if you are interested, this is where you can find it:


  1. Mischa says:


    Great work You do here! would You like to link exchange with my site




  2. IlMago says:

    as a tribe fiend I can only say: dope

  3. Mr Mass™ says:

    au revoir
    is correct
    your french is perfect
    jimmy jay is super crappy in france guys
    he produced mc solaar/menelik and many others crap rappers in the 90′s
    he then win the lottery twice!!!!! (true story)
    and decide to leave the music industry

    that was the time where you could sample anything and put a beat on it ( sometimes even not)

    but hey you definitely dig
    because even in france i don t think many people remember jimmy jay
    kind of old school feeling

    keep diggin


    don’t expand too much your knowledge in french hip hop you should be disappointed

  4. djmp45 says:

    thanks mass, i didnt know anything about it (i didnt know that solaar is considered crap in france…i always thought it was an old school legend a la krs1 in the u.s., but then again the language barrier doesnt help my judgement)!
    i take your advice on not expanding my knowledege on french hip hop (it could be the same for italian hip hop though, if you want to venture into it….that’s my advice) ;)

  5. Overspliffed says:

    Hey there, one minute:
    Mass, with all due respect from one of your french fellow, one should not be too quick in judging Jimmy Jay.
    The production of the first 2 Solaar albums are incredible! Sweet and sour I would say.
    There is a Vol.2 of this “Cool Session” thing. One the other side, I agree with you that Solaar sucks hard.
    I didnt knew he won the lottery twice, we should rename this post as “Luck of Jimmy Jay” then.
    Finally, I agree that french hiphop is sometimes bad, but dont be so hard on it. There are some good people, trying to get out of the mainstream gangster shit.
    I would be curious what you would post if you had to make one on french hiphop. Challenge? No, man, you’re good!
    DJMP45, post some italian hiphop, my girl will be pleased (Sicilian, you know…)
    Peace out all and enjoy the summer!

  6. djmp45 says:

    hey man, i’m glad to see you back here..i’m sorry but i dont have any italian hip hop to upload (i would have to be Terno al Lotto lost tapes…but they are more myth than reality and i would have to dig through people basements in my old hometown to resurrect them…)
    anyway if she’s interested in italian hip hop i would recommend antonio’s blog (in italian)

  7. DJMP45, a lesson for life: first pay your bills, and then buy wacky french albums!! ;-)

    (the 1st la funk mob tune is not bad anyway…the rest is really nothing special)

  8. Arnaud says:

    MC Solaar is considered crap in France because he had low street credibilty (not a problem to me), because he refused many hip hop stereotypes, because he did’nt refuse to talk to mass medias and most of all because he had success in enormous proportions. He was the first french rapper to be exposed in medias so that created a lot of jealousy. And he totally lost it after his first two albums which did’nt help.

    To answer to (stupid ignorant) Mr Mass, Jimmy Jay was absolutely not crap. He was a great producer, he produced really strong albums for SLEO, Sages poetes de la rue and Democrates D.

    French hip hop has a lot of treasures to offer but hip hop being mainly about the lyrics, you need to understand the language to really appreciate.

    Late 90′s french hip hop lp’s go expensive because it was the golden era of french rap, a time when it was still about poetry, about having fun, about lyrical skills… It was before most french MC’s tried to be wu-tang or Mob deep.

  9. Arnaud says:

    (the 1st la funk mob tune is not bad anyway…the rest is really nothing special)

    Come on !
    Les sages poètes de la rue : la rue
    Sleo : histoire d’a
    nothing special ????

  10. djmp45 says:

    ok people, i think everybody has their own opinion (in this case i cant really make up mine): my intention with this post was more like “hey do you remember luck of lucien, well that lucien actually made a solo song!”…nothing more than that…
    i can still appreciate that this post started some discussions about it , that means that this subject can still raise some interest (positive or negative)
    peace a tout le monde!

  11. Jimmy Jay is a very important producer in the history of French hip-hop, just like MC Solaar is an important rapper in the history of French hip-hop.

    I’ve hated their music from day 1 (and that was a looong time ago) but that doesn’t mean I’ll ignore their contribution to the genre.

    For an English-language podcast on French hip-hop, check out

  12. djmp45 says:

    keep the comments coming people!