Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. May-29-2008

Last Sunday i got up quite early , which is not very usual for me, because there was the Record Fair in town. I managed to find some bootlegs of super rare old school records. I’ll be honest with you don’t mind a bootleg , especially because the originals of these precious things go for thousands dollarspounds, and i still need to pay the rent!
Anyway i found these three amazing records:
Family Four – Rap attack
Grand Wizard Theodore – Can i get a soul clapp
Live convention 82

God, i was 6 years old when this stuff came out, but to me it still sounds fresh and amazing.
Well, today i’m going to post about the Live convention 82, which is a record that was made out of mixtape and was put out by Johnny Soul (R.i.p) Disco Wax label and features DJ Grand Wizard Theodore alongside rappers Waterbed Kev, Master Rob, Dot-A-Rock, Prince Whipper Whip and Ruby Dee, with Kool Moe Dee and Busy Bee.

There are so many samples taken from this recording (“Puertorico..oohh ohh” made famous by Frankie Cutlass, “this is a recording, this is a recording”…and many others) and DJ Grand Wizard Theodore cuts up classic breaks like “Do the funky penguin” and “Assembly line”: this is pure dopeness!!
i put it in two parts as the vinyl is and i hope you enjoy it !!!!

LISTEN! Live Convention ’82 SIDE A

LISTEN! Live Convention ’82  SIDE B

12 Responses to “LIVE CONVENTION ’82”

  1. Stevio says:

    Yo! Dope…I have this vinyl back in the UK but it’s not much better than some cassette tape that someone gave me ;)

    Do you have any old skool WHBI tapes?

  2. Stevio says:

    Oh…stoopid question…I just scrolled down…Hahhaa. Thanks for sharing the love. Go Google Old School Radio Hour for some classic tunes. The guy’s words are a bit annoying, but he’s making a real positive difference and educating heads!

  3. eric says:

    Incredible. I got nothing against digital production and samples, but this just goes to show that a live backing often brings a much warmer vibe to the proceedings.

  4. djmp45 says:

    glad to hear that people like this stuff…thanks for the comments

  5. dirtywaters says:

    this is dope, i always wanted to get my hands on one of these didnt know they reissued. The ‘this is a recording’ sample is actually from the New Birth song ‘got to get a knutt’ from the ‘birth day’ LP. they were playing the record at the convention i guess. nice post.

  6. djmp45 says:

    thanks for the correction nes….i dont have that record so i didnt know…thanks for sharing knowledge: this is what blogging is all about!

  7. dirtywaters says:

    no doubt, that new birth is crazy has other samples on it too, highly recommended

  8. Chronwell says:

    Amazing! Keep True School alive.Love It!!

  9. djmp45 says:

    glad you like it!yes this is proper TRUE school

  10. Eric says:

    Can you re-upload the side b link? thank you.. it is DOPE!

  11. Pop says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been looking hi & low for this for a long time. I brought this back in 82 & still have it but it’s all scratched up. Can you upload side b again. I can’t down load it. I think it’s been removed.
    Thanks again.

  12. djmp45 says:

    sorry, i deleted the mp3 from my computer, if someone would be so kind ,please re-up.