Let’s Go Back To The 90s! A Hard To Obtain Groove

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-17-2008

It’s been some time since we last posted something for the real hip hop headz out there. Here is a dope joint you might have missed back in the 90s, when Hip Hop (with the capital H) was still about jazzy productions and smooth flowin on the mic. This is still the future of Hip Hop in our opinion, so let’s go back to the future like Marty Mc Fly!


Do you remember “L.I. Groove”? This was in heavy rotation back in 1994.

Hard 2 Obtain – L.I. Groove

The group was Hard 2 Obtain from Long Island, and their album “Ism And Blues” is a crazy dope little forgotten gem, especially for the superb production: some sweet soulful jazzy beats in this one. So here it is and let’s groove with us! Let us know if you feel it!

Listen! Hard2Obtain – Ism And Blues

3 Responses to “Let’s Go Back To The 90s! A Hard To Obtain Groove”

  1. djmp45 says:

    classic!!!check the blackbyrd song they sample of the Cornbread, Earl & Me soundtrack…i know you’ll like it.
    i think this album is prob sd50′s best production.
    havent plyed the 12″ for a while…might give it a spin tonight

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