Lee Morgan ‘The Sidewinder’ / UMC’s ‘Fruits Of Nature’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-21-2007


This post could be called “The Sidewinder” aka my second step into jazz world. Every time i’m talkin with this friend of mine i got to take a notepad with me, because he blasts me with lots of names of artists, ways of playing instruments, unbelieveble sessions, labels and so on. This time i’ve highlighted four words: Lee Morgan, hardbop, trumpet and Blue Note.

Mr Morgan was like a prodigy, when he had been playing for five years he had already recorded as a leader for Blue Note label and had been also a featured sideman on several early Hank Mobley records as well as John Coltrane’s Blue Train. He joined Art Blakey’s Jazz Messenger in 1958 further developing his faculty as a soloist and songwriter.


Blakey, Morgan, Shorter with Bobby Timmons and Jymie Merritt as the classic phoebe of the Jazz Messenger recorded “The Freedon Rider” album. After a couple of years living as a pimp in his hometown Philadelphia (being also heroin addicted…almost a prerogative then) he came back shining more than ever on the scenes, it was 1963 and a bomb called “The Sidewinder” was bursted. These were few biographical hints, just to make you know he was an unordinary talent.


Morgan and his cast of players (can’t forget the legendary Joe Henderson on tenor saxophone) seem to understand that it’s all about the “groove”, and his underplayed solo, always staying inside the rhythmic pocket, insures that this sidewinder never goes off course. Believe me it’s still a very enjoyable tune in its own right, also for a rookie like me. These 5 tracks go fulfilling a fusion album, you gotta catch the soul/funk/boogaloo bass line and the rhythm imparted by the trumpet, hold them then move over to 1991, listen “Fruits of Nature” and try to recognize those tunes…i think it’s not so hard.


UMC’s was a duo from Staten Island made up by Hass G and Kool Kim, their lyrics were maybe out of time cause back in the days it was mostly gansta predominance, that’s likely one of the causes of their prematurely departure from the scene. They released just a couple of albums indeed, “Fruits of Nature” was debut album, then “Unleashed” in ’94, both under Wild Pitch Records.

Fruits of Nature” is solid, deeply full of samples, from jazz to soul, from funk to rock. Besides that i like their flow, clean and dynamic and a special mention goes to chorus though basically i can’t appreciate it so much.


This is not merely an album, this is a breaks gold mine
Listen “The Sidewinder“    (tracklist here)

You could be dazzled by soundings
Listen “Fruits Of Nature“  (tracklist here)

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  1. asdfaa says:

    ultramagnetic MCs???

  2. joppa says:

    no, this is another group.

  3. asdfaa says:

    these guys like kool keith and them so much they stole the name or what??

  4. ilmago says:

    Ozzino I strongly suggest you Coltrane’s Blue Train, my favourite jazz collection. Coltrane is awesome!

  5. Ozzino says:

    Thanks ilmago, i’m gonna put it in my downloading list

  6. johnny says:

    Wow a gretsch drum kit, didnt know they existed.

  7. matt says:

    pretty cool running into this because both of these albums are on the top of my list to get. fruits of nature is hard to find. funny enough the last cd i bought was blue train, which i chose over sidewinder.

  8. David says:

    anyone out there know the original sample used on……. one to grow on……. its the soulful tune in the middle section of the track, lyrics go…he reached so high he touched the sky…..great organ break.

    please help…..muchos gracias

  9. djmp45 says:

    umc’s fruits of nature is a killer…glad to have find it two weeks ago…blue cheese is my tune!

  10. Fly Thai says:

    Can anyone find the whole original samples discography to The fruits of nature, UMC’s album. I’d be very garteful if anyone could find this. You’s all have my email so I’m more than happy to share my rare collection of original samples & rare garage psychedelic rock & blues albums from the late 60′s to ealry 70′s. I have a lot of rare gems that many of you wont be able to find on rapidshare. Im working at creating my own blog where I can upload everything on to it, but in the meantime just email me. Obviously include or mention this website & the samples & I’ll fix you’s up. Two artists & musicans I’d highly recommend are Jackie Deshannon & Lori Burton, both are psychedelic singers whom I dont think any producers or hiphop artists have sampled as of yet.