Jopparelli’s Warm Bass Mix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-21-2009

Hey, it’s cold outside! You need some warm basslines to heat you up. Here’s a short  vinyl mix I did a while ago, focused on the similarities between Fusion Jazz and Hip Hop Instrumentals. You dig Hip Hop and Jazz as we do, don’t you?

45 king LakimShabazzMaceoParker_3

45 King (right) with Lakim Shabazz and MaceoParker

Similarly to my previous mix, I tried to put together a sequence of smooth tunes that sound good together (at least to me), and tried to create an atmosphere out of it. The Lowest Common Denominator is having a warm and deep bassline, somehow Lowend-Theory-sounding, you know what i mean, we all love that sound.


You got some Fusion Jazz originals represented by virtuosos like Stanley Clarke (who provides a really cool intro if you ask me), Miroslav Vitous and german band Passport, some 90′s Hip Hop classic instrumentals, a classic UBB tune by Bo Diddley (really nasty drums), an underrated track from Funkadalic followed by a great sampling of the same by none other than the 45 King.


Then you got some Barry White, a couple of crazy jazzy beats from the Wild Style soundtrack, a Tribe Called Quest break I took from a bootleg vinyl I bought in Paris many years ago (that’s when I discovered breaks albums…crazy), and the solemn El Michaels Affair banger “Glaciers Of Ice” to close the mix. Hope you enjoy it as I did making it. Peace.

stanley clarke2


Stanley Clarke – Life Suite Part 1 [Atlantic, 1974]

Nas – The World Is Yours (Tip mix) – Instr. [Columbia, 1994]

Omniscence – Amazin – Instr. [UGC 2001]


Bo Diddley – Hit Or Miss [Street Beat]

Passport – Homunculus [Atlantic, 1974]

Wild Style OST – Gangbusters [Beyongolia, 1998]

Funkadelic – A Joyful Process [Westbound, 1971]

45 King – We Got The Funk [Tuff City, 1988]

Funk Master – You Can…. [Promo]

black moon gotcha opin

Black Moon – I Got Cha Opin – Instr. [Wreck, 1994]

Lords Of The Underground – Funky Child – Instr. [Pendulum, 1992]

Black Moon – Reality (Killing Every…) – Instr. [Wreck, 1994]

Wild Style OST – Jungle Beat – Gangbusters [Beyongolia, 1998]

Miroslav Vitous – Infinite Search [Atlantic, 1974]

Beats From A Tribe [Bootleg]

El Michaels Affair – Glaciers Of Ice [Truth & Soul, 2006]


Listen on the player above or download here:

Warm BASS mix !! (re-upped march 2011)

2 Responses to “Jopparelli’s Warm Bass Mix”

  1. Duccio says:

    the Smooth Mix for the 2 Years was on my pod for weeks and weeks…this is a dope recall…fuckin’ awesome!!!

  2. meno male che qualcuno l’ha ascoltato…..sia questo che l’altro

    grande duccio, bella!